Monday, December 6, 2010

This is what it boils down to?

The battle faced by ethnic and gender minorities within the last century so as to gain access to the ballot box is nothing short of historic yet it seems that little regard is given to the prize - the democratic right to vote in a general election.

The exercise of my vote has been reduced to the following:

(1) Misrepresentation by the ULP on their project achievements by omitting the fact that mu ch of the funding came from the negotiating work of the NDP (e.g. the Ottley Hall debt relief or the EU funding for many of the new schools within the last 10 years.)
(2) The absence of a future planning outline by the NDP, despite their clarion calls for reinstatement.
(3) The ad by Eloise Gonsalves, in which the same amount of expression that is used to state how much she loved her husband was also seen when she stated how disgusted she was by the NDP's vicious lies against dear Ralph not to mention the eyes following the blown-up script behind the camera. (Hope she cut a cheque for that).
(4) A Green Party representative for East St. George, who could not remember the name of her constituency.
(5) The I-hate-Ralph Gonsalves tirade - there is a limit as to how far negative energy will propel you.
(6) The laptop per school child fallacy - the only way I can describe the selling of the idea that laptops brought in for primary students would also be suitable for tertiary level students. (By the way - do we have 2000 children in the school system or am I that clueless?)
(7) The uncertainty as to whether Arnhim is always tired or he genuinely believes that his consistently depressed tone of voice does any good for his campaign.
(8) The personal belief that the ULP mounting/painting/staining/plastering etc of their party colours was done in a way to ensure no/little space to the NDP (or maybe conveniently rejected planning permission).
(9) The throwing around of legality in a seemingly concerted effort to continue ruining the public perception of law and justice in the country.
(10) The NDP ads that encourage us to "accept their (the ULP) bribes but vote them out". What the hell happened to the Representation of the People's Act and the criminal offences?
(11) SVG TV and their blatant bias in favour of the ULP regarding campaign coverage.
(12) The stories of alleged illegal voter registration and the apparent need to mount independent vigils at polling stations on election day to ensure fairness.
(13) The new roads that are being excavated in my neighbourhood - which will not be complete by December 13th 2010 but are being vigourously pursued despite existing roads being in a terrible state.
(14) The obsession with dialect in the campaigns - that is supposed to appeal to who exactly - the uneducated, ignorant, unwashed footed masses who understand nothing but bad english?
(15) The easy entry of ULP candidates into the primary school system, whipping them into childish frenzy chanting "Labour now" or playing tennis with Luke Browne.
(16) The soft openings throughout the nation of projects that happen to be completed in time for elections. Has it been over a year and I ain't reach in the new Library yet?
(17) The obvious lack of proper campaign management of the NDP - which could be their demise.
(18) The fact that a few selected individuals are going to have a financially rich Christmas, regardless how the vote turns out - I can think of a comedian and a cartoonist, what about you?
(19) The possible reality that the ULP has used their power to refuse permission for the NDP to use any Kingstown venues (but yet was able to suddenly relocate their manifesto launch to the Victoria Park after the rain turned Argyle into a slushy mess.)
(20) The lack of investigative, analytical reporting by the media leaving the comparative work to the social commentators.
(21) NDP's criticism of the padded electoral list - despite their failure over 17 years to put a system in place to avoid this.
(22) The vehemence of a particular party and their supporters and despite the media coverage, it is not the NDP.
(23) Anthony Astaphan. I will say no more.

This is what our X, our stained finger (ruining manicures nationwide), our right to vote has been reduced to.

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  1. Well said.Never yet met an election so filled with legal wranglings.Excuse me if for a moment I thought I was in Zimbabwe


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