Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wasn't it grand

Well this was a year of a plethora of memories (I always wanted to use that word "plethora" - meaning - an overabundance...excess). Merely because it was memorable, the excess is actually appreciated, desired and my mental pot belly will be patted fondly in times to come.

Fondly I say because although we had some dark moments, it is hoped that we shall still rise (courtesy of Abeni).

I do not normally, make declarations on my personal life but I can say that for the first time, I am pleased with the assertive role I stuck to in an attempted relationship. I refused to accept treatment which was below standard. Boo-yah to me. Nevertheless, I know I struggle daily with the ability to express myself emotionally so I will take some responsibility for the failure.

Our nation underwent what can only be described as an intellectual furor - where passion for knowledge rode as hard as the zeal for ignorance...the Constitution Bill 2009 and all its side runners. I still do not know who won that race but I am not interested in a replay with the same horses.

The airwaves were with every variety of topic. I think if guest speakers were compensated in cash or kind....this would have been a fruitful one. I dare say that it will get more heated...but it is uncertain if the FM personalities will be willing to share a microphone with anyone but the usual names. Sad to say, but there is a unpleasant doubt that many forums will consist of a diversity of opinion.

I am making a call for a revolution in the nation when it comes to the social departments...there must be a policy-seeking investigation into the social lives of Vincentians. Too many minor issues that can be resolved with honest assistance flare up into domestic catastrophes. There must be something that can be done to tangibly improve the lives of our people...beyond academic scholarships and the occasional "Vision now".

I waiting for Aunt Jobe's to open on this side of the country...I fed up driving there just to get some decent soy milk. Sorry, I like my fried chicken homemade.

I am looking forward to being entertained by the politicians in 2010 while at the same time having my cynicism towards partisan politics further ingrained. Is this the mental process that socialists go through before they pick up arms?...uh oh...but interesting.

I was flu-ridden and missed the Starlift programme....Do I have to wait until next year?

I am not into resolutions...but if I accomplish anything new, great and exciting I may just document it here. 2010 here I the way, I will be going to sleep after I come from Church.

farewell...see you on the morrow.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Call me Scrooge...or Grinch... I don't care. I am not a Christmas fan.

This forced atmosphere of cheer and giving is so flipping fake...I could count how many genuine giving that really takes place during this time. Get it straight...I am not hating on the reason for the season aka Silent Night aka baby Jesus in the hay, and I don't want to seem like the freaks that write and re-write these "letters to the editor" every single year about the loss of the true meaning of Christmas.

I am not a fan of Christmas the same way I am not a fan of anniversaries, birthdays, Valentines Day, and all the over blown commercialised highlights on the calendar that demand certain facial expressions, clothing, wastage of money that you will guaranteed regret spending in a month's time, and the inquires as to so what are the plans for....

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....stop with the madness. I accompanied some friends in town last Sunday night...Saviour Divine...if u see ppl. My threat to not exit the vehicle as we approached the madhouse was adopted by all occupants including the one that demanded our presence to purchase some unknown thing.

The people in my office that are complaning of the lack of a bonus...(apparently private business getting none either) somehow are able to cram time and money into a gift exchange...and a mirage of items ranging from fabric of varying colours and of serious weight mass, baskets, pillows...I took a glance at the lunch room and went out to eat simply because there was no seat or table surface in sight to consume a f-ing yorghot.

And the audacity of people to ask me what I am getting them and the appalled look of a family friend ringing a certain red bell under Singer...when I passed her with only a Good afternoon. What the hell....I gave to the one by Corea's. Am I supposed to have a pocket full of coins to avoid damning looks. Not to mention the unattended young boy by Courts who banged away at the actual kettle...where is your mother, dammit.

And the little children...the ones that just popped out of the womb...the ones that can barely walk...the ones that touch everything with filty hands...the ones that their parents hope can keep up with the pace even though the child is below everyone's knee joint...Can we charge them for neglect or has to be borderline abuse.

I bought one gift and that was to maintain pleasant office relations by involuntarily participating in a gift exchange ( that by the way was done since August)...WTF. My family is getting theirs after Christmas and they told me what they wanted.

I am sleeping tmrw...and I am turning off my phone and leaving a particularly cynical message on my voice mail for the bastards who want to call on this joyous day when they never farted on my ass for most of the year.

Peace..this bitch is out

Friday, December 18, 2009

We are the ones that silence ourselves.

Granted I was out of state for most of the ULP 'reign' but if people feel as though Ralph is on his way out and they now have the 'voice' to make their opinions seems to me as though another leader could very well remove their vocal chords sometime in the future.

Someone commented to me that the local socio-political comic strips would not have been as daring two years ago. Another person said that he knew of persons who made jokes about the PM and got phonecalls telling them not to crack that sort of humour or got a dismissal letter from work.

So, is it to say that NO ONE absolutely no one, without political motive and lacking a desire for public applause could have expressed the alleged wrongs on a public forum to demand that they be addressed.

Call me politically naive...socially distanced....but the silence that people are claiming to have broken free from since November 25th 2009 was based on the same desire for self-preservation had by the leaders that have brought our nation along this tumultuous path. We feared for ourselves, our way of life, more than we feared for the well-being of the nation.

But after all, we are not on the platforms with bright lights and PA systems...we don't have constituents and weekly press conferences...our names are not at household status...we do not have a propaganda Orc spewing verbal mess while we retain our image of wholesomeness... so somehow we believe that we are less liable...our responsibility is diminished.

But I say to we not have families, communities...hopes of a future...dreams of a proud nation? The very presence of these elements in our daily lives should have been enough to fuel the screams of injustice...abuse...victimisation that we so readily cite today.

You see, I believe this is how our leaders want us to feel...powerless so they can be strengthened ...silent so they can voice the issues they want us to be concerned about and not they ones that we should address.

I laugh at those who think the story will revolutionize with NDP, PMC or Green Party...surely it will change...but they know that they can keep us overwhelmed with their voices so that ours will be silent...but we give them that power...shall we observe the burnt offering of verbal wit...eloquent dialogue and fluent anger after 2010-2011 elections....the masses have been placated yet again.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Silent cries of acceptance

The whole issue of violence against women has panned out on a local and international level within the last year...we have experienced as a nation gruesome acts of violence against the female gender that has created a unsettling fear among all of us - from Lokeisha to the Tokyo beheading to Rihanna to the spate of raping.

And I question the foundation of this phenomenon...I say foundation because it seems to be an erroneous but basic element to so many female/male relations in our society. I was blessed never to see abuse in my home and even in my immediate surrounding neighbourhood but I know this is not the experience of many.

I will never forget having a discussion at the Community College (now A'Level) several years ago among my peers. A 'good' guy friend of mind firmly stated that "every now and then, you have to pelt some blows under a she could know who run things". I was appalled but I pursued the conversation simply because I was curious to find out how the hell could physically exerting superiority over another human being become an acceptable mind-set. The last I checked that thought process was applied to slavery, indentureship and chauvnism.

The discussion led up to rape and when does sex turn into rape or vice versa. A guy I will call E said, "Well sometimes, the girls like to tease and not give up the you force them until they go silent and stop fighting." That stopped me in my tracks. In my virgin naviete (at the time) I thought sex was supposed to be a mutual thing between two consenting and horny people and rape or "forcing until they become silent" as E called it was an act of someone suffering from a mental defect.

So, how acceptable is this behaviour and who thinks it to be the norm? I fear it is too many...

I sat in my car on Friday and saw a group of secondary school girls pass me...laughing and swaying with the joy of youth. For a moment, I reflected on those carefree days. That nostalgia abruptly ended when a young man approached the group from the opposite direction and literally pulled one girl into a neck hold that was straight out of a MMA fight, with a smirk on his face. The girl managed to get out of hold but the guy held onto her hand and dragged her with him several feet away from her friends until she pulled away...with a pissed look. Then she flicked her hair and ran to catch up with her friends....laughing and the young man just strolled on his way.

(1) No one stopped him...not her friends...a passerby...a vendor...not even me. Not one of us outwardly expressed concern as to how the girl was being treated.

(2) She laughed it was acceptable to be 'man-handled' and I wonder if her struggle was really a struggle at all.

(3) The guy said nothing to her...whatever familiarity existed between them did not even warrant words...affection was equalled to a wrestling move.

And I am here left with a mirage of thoughts - am I being too judgmental; I have played rough house with my guy friends before and still get into a tustle now and then.

This is one entry that has left me more confused than when I usual clarity of thought...sadly no epiphany.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

8/7 or 9/6 OR it is over forever

It's's not good now....move's my turn's over....the game's shut down...SORRY!

Well, I was in shock last night. I knew the yes vote would never meet the 67% but mi ass...almost 40%. I proud, shame and angry at the same time for the nation. An exercise in democracy...but was it tainted to some small degree?

But there is a part of me that is sad - I had the things that I wanted taken out and things I wanted added. Those range from issues that would have affected the wider populace for the better and those that conformed to my personal convictions. But I dare any opposer to say that their objections passed 10% of the changes/additions to the Consitution?

So, we have discarded many positives for a few negatives. It may well be that those negatives would have tainted the whole nation and eventually nullified the positives. It may also be that we have lost out on improving the standard of nationhood...not living, (as some gurus claimed it would not have done). I think of the Ombudsman (who the hell doesn't have a complaint against a Government officer)...the CCJ (nuff said on thatin a previous blog)...the list goes on.

What I think has to be realised by everyone is that the vote last night shows that unless there is a 8/7 or a 9/6 split in Parliament, Constitutional reform will not likely be successfully tackled by any of the country's present leaders. It is indeed something that will require a bi-partisan mandate.

Sad that it would have to forced...foisted upon them merely because the split demands it in order to get a 2/3 majority, just at the Parliament stage. I do not think any wise-thinking and strategically-minded politician would embark upon this process again without such numbers. To do otherwise would mean that we would be repeating the months between Sept. 3rd 2009 and Nov. 25th 2009 - and only positive history should be repeated and even then its echo should be improved upon.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bill - a - board

Well, the pundits are on a roll with the bill-a-boards - between this week...they have sprung up all over the country...and I think the NDP won this battle...theirs' is so much more effective.

But forgive me for noticing the sloppy job on the Yes campaign/ULP bill-a-boards....the stuff looks like it is about to fall off...raised bumps in the centre, side, top and bottom of at least three that I have seen. Geesh....what happened to the concept that the race is not for the swift but those who endure til the end....or at the very least stick it on properly.

But that is a reflection of the way both sides have treated this was hasty, rushed, ...the other frantic and overwhelmed and both are misleading and power driven rather than being nationally-minded. So they erect some plywood all over the damn place and aim from a distance in an effort to get the message across....sorry you missed the bulls-eye.

I wonder when Ivan putting up his?

Monday, November 9, 2009

The conspiracy to maintain the masses

Is it too much to ask people to accept the existence of a differing opinion?

Forgive me if I temporarily shelve the controversial issues of race and religion...but my word...why does the voicing of another perspective immediately give rise to a raised eyebrow, a pursed mouth, a grunt of disapproval or even harsh verbal opposition.

My mental reasoning says to me that my views on life and its enigmas are based on my own individual experiences...a product of my present and my hope of a future. Therefore, it would rationally mean that since no one in this world would have experienced the exact same life that I have, they are entitled to their own reasoning...rationale.

Or am I being an overly enthusiastic and naive human being? I am constantly awed by the swelling of intellectual flesh when I express a contrary position on a mere life if my words flay their tender bottoms. Alas, the person is offended... and those around act as if I am an affront to what was an amicable environment for conversation.

But I say to this......why the hell did I go to school? Why have I embarked on a career? Should my internal shelves of voracious reading gather dust?

Is this what we are encouraging a generation to polite with your thought process and the articulation of the may offend someone. may yield more thinking, thought processes, a desire for knowledge, the attainment of wisdom and the cultivation of leaders and what shall we ever have....a people who THINK, DO and ACT beyond their greatest longer content to be mere members of the malleable masses but to be effective citizens of SVG, our Caribbean Civilisation, a global community, the human race.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I feel like squeeze a lime

I have spent the last several evenings tensely poised at my PC...waiting to click buttons on about three different websites...all before the damn red light make an unwelcome reappearance on my modem.

My internet has been infected with H1N1, I swear is is like a griping child (I sat in front of one at an event some weeks ago...and I was itching to tell the mother to carry the child home). Always acting up...never reliable...and always interrupting something important. Like blogging...and God knows I have lost more than one inspirational thought just because the red light is very much there.

I feel like squeezing a LIME....a big juicy corporate one. And the squeeze will involve some possible caustic words...except they start training their customer service reps really well and my upbringing and adult consciousness will not allow me to verbally abuse someone so politely voiced.

But is not until after I hang up from reporting a fault, that I realise well I have been done's like the American stereo-type of the blond chick...pleasant to look at to the point where the drivel coming forth can almost be savoury to the taste...until you see that blinking red light...again. And weeks pass and not a visit, call...not a thing....Oh wait...the monthly bill with full charges for ADSL....Asshole Deficiency System Log.

I have never been so tempted to use obscene language, oui...especially since I am one of hundreds of Vincentians pursuing distance education which REQUIRES the internet to access online resources.

I was tempted to start a tab on them...and hand it in at the end of the month and demand a discount. Except, I have a life and there are better things to do than sit and watch your money blink red..then green...then to go to bed or watch cable.

Talking about that KARIB cable people...I need to find someone to give a review of their internet...maybe they have a good service or someone needs to bust a Chatoyer on them...

Wait, the red light gone, lemme submit this before my luck run out.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Well, I just reached in the house and my shoes not even off yet. I have returned from the Vincy Homecoming celebrations - the Cultural showcase, which was a phenomenon in the Vincentian community. I have seen nothing like it in SVG before and I can only hope that we move up and forward with it.

But I am pissed...the PM made a record time speech, in time to hand the flag over to a cadet to raise it, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. I could not look at the flag as I mouthed the words...Alas it was placed upside down with the diamonds as evidence of this travesty. I am not sure how many people realised this....the band continued playing and the crowd was obliged to stand to sing along.

I think of this happening in another nation, where the proceedings may have been paused to correct what could have been a genuine that the cadet responsible will likely face public humiliation over and may even affect her/his continued involved in the cadet force. (we know how much we like a public fall, even if our nation will be sullied by it).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SPARTANS...what is your profession?

The 300 have been released - not the Spartans off the protect their glorious empire...but the "canvassers", "the well-informed individuals who will educate the Vincentian public". The government's 'Yes' campaign 'trained' and 'prepared' 300 persons to go throughout the nation telling Vincentians why we should vote yes in the Referendum.

Yesterday afternoon, my family and I were visited by one of the members of the 300 but what a shock I got. The dear lady who looked completely overwhelmed by the sweltering heat of the late afternoon...took my name and told me (with a strange smile) that she was sure I and my father were voting yes. I watched her in surprise and my father voiced the words..."But, you brave to assume that we voting yes".

The woman's reply iced the crap cake..."Well, I have to fill out two of these forms before the end of the day and I am making it easy on myself by going to the homes that will vote yes". And the cherry on top was the fact that she did not talk about the Bill and the brochures she had were in limited supply and we were assured that she would send some for us the next day.

This is the shit training and preparation that Senator Francis was taking about...these are the people that are being paid do this...ass - u- me census. Lawd, I wondering if to believe the story that ULP is trying to find out how many votes they will have for next general elections. Four million...kiss my ass...I hope I just got the rogue canvasser and all the others at least know something about the Bill.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is there more to this

In recent times I have been struck with feelings of inadequacy not unlike the teenaged questions of life's purpose that I underwent over 10 years ago.

God knows I have gotten over that stage, thankfully. But my desire for more rests mainly on the disparity that exists among the youth of our nation. We see and hear daily of a youth that seems to be functioning without a sense of direction and the lack of a desire for one. The killings, the grievous bodily harm, the ammunition in the backpack and the homemade guns under the beds - not to mention the stories that are whispered but have not reached the media circuit.

And I want to do something anything to stop this from becoming a generational quality....a means by which we identify them. Is there anyone like me, who wishes to be a part of something greater...more than assisting in a church group, cleaning up a beach but to play a direct role in causing effective, positive that we sorely NEED?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

And how did I arive here

I have this habit of leaving home between 6:45 and 7:13 in the morning to avoid a pet peeve of mine.....traffic. Just before I approach the Arnos Vale roundabout, I pass a bar adorned in red and white domino designs with a mango tree in the yard. Without fail, I am guaranteed to observe at least 3-5 men sitting under, you would not believe a mango tree, at a rustic table and bench.

These men are not partaking of a breakfast of fruit or even street corner intellectualism. While I avoid and even criticise judgmental personalities..the well-worn chubby bottles with clear liquid that pose before each man belie their early morning appearance....Their lounging posture is possibly one of lethargy not relaxation. I think most likely I am viewing the results of what we proudly call our "strong rum"....aka stale drunk, aka hung over.

And before I continue, I will say I am not a teetotaller - I have had my nights of excessive drinking and I am sure that I may have a couple more to enjoy and endure. But really what are these men doing...have they no jobs?

And I wonder, how far are any of us, who indulge/enjoy/savour, in distilled delights from that state of sad existence....and how many of us support or habit cloaked behind an executive desk, executive secretary or tailored suit? I ponder at the times I have wished and declared the need for a strong drink in the middle of the afternoon after a morning of constant tasks not realising that I am conditioning my mind to accept a mango tree state in my carpeted office.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Losing the human touch

For the last couple days I have been seized with a fear that I am losing my human touch...the fragments of compassion for the man or woman next to me seems to be fading away.

I was watching Ellen De Generes on HBO this afternoon and she was talking about the evolution of greeting habits. She said we don't really want to hear how someone is feeling. We say "Hi, John, how are you?" and we pray that he says "Great, thanks." We don't want to hear him say "Not, too good". Why?
It is either we are beginning to lose concern for others or we are simply too busy to pay attention to the lives of others?

For me I have to think it is the latter.....

I have never been an overly emotional person but there is a rising disconnect from reality that I am experiencing. Maybe my career choice demands that I listen to the outpouring of the soul and mind too often that I am too drained to address my mind to emotional issues of others.

I find myself passing acquaintances and old family friends on the streets of Kingstown saying "Hi, how are you ______ and saying "I am fine thank you" on the same breath...without waiting for their reply. Sometimes, I cannot fill in the blank space and I can only hope that my winning smile will conquer that failure to recall their names.

There must be a remedy...a solution to what must be defined as a social travesty. Except I cannot seem to determine what it could I too busy to formulate one at least for myself?
But I will endeavour to start small and maybe even a little a good deed everyday. Some word of act of kindness...something that I am not required to do to satisfy my daily quota of work obligations...something that I chose to do.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shall I attend on the event of....

I drove past Sion Hill this morning and I saw a temporary stage with significant sound equipment being set up and I realised that it had to be part of the campaign on the Constitutional Bill.

I longed to make plans to return this evening...but it is now 10:31 p.m. according to the clock on my laptop and I have not budged from the couch. Frankly, I do not know exactly why.

There is a barrage of thoughts running through my head...if I go would I be enlightened, entertained or completely turned off by what I fear would be a mere exercise in the political gym of our nation.

I cared not for the sweaty limbs of persons garbed in their colour of choice...nor for the voice of an overworked instructor, reciting the same lines over and over again...without ever saying why the jumping jacks, stretches and squats have purpose. Burn calories, tone muscles or just looking buffed and ripped for anyone who is available to pay even the slightest bit of attention.

I wonder how I will treat next year's general election campaign...dare I start the neutral dress code in order to 'safely' attend the marches, conventions and other mass, yellow and green were at least never my favourites....grey, black and white maybe the best choice...but then again I may sit on the couch or maybe the porch wall with the manifesto in hand and allow that to determine the way the ink blots the ballot.

BTW...I wonder how to get a ULP shirt with Dr. Gonsalves face on it for a friend of a friend in another island?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

An angry nation

We are a nation that is on the verge of social catastrophe...we are an angry nation.

There are too many incidents of violence among us and there seems to be no limitation or categorisation of the victims and the perpetrators(who are victims themselves.)

We have left the issues dear to our hearts and minds to the gossip hour with neighbours and co-workers. We fail to attempt to resolve issues in a reasonable manner and the theme song is "But they/he/she should know that is how I feel".

How can expect to develop stronger social skills and see personal growth if we assume that everyone is a mind reader...that somehow there is an ability to grasp the perspective of another when silence is the communication mechanism of the day.

There are people who are storing pent-up frustration, add to that national leadership bent on destruction and the absence of a sense of purpose. One little incident can cause us to lash out...spewing obscenties and verbal venom aimed at maiming those around us.

And maim we do...and those injured turn around to injure others. So our Assizes are chock full of murder charges, a local newspaper seeks to propogate commess in the name of journalism and we gleefully listen to the stories of persons wholly unknown to us and cackle at their demise - knowing in the back of our minds that the spin of the bottle shall select us eventually - but we temporarily fool ourselves into believing "that will never be me."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Removal of the Privy Council

You want to know what I believe is the real reason why some intellectuals do not want the Privy Council to be removed and the CCJ finally installed as the final Court of Appeal for the Caribbean...

Attachment disorder...

Like when a child cannot let go of her/his mother's skirt a 40 year old man that bums at home with the ability to take care of himself but refusing to do so...or the woman who 'sacrifices' her freedom by taking care of her parents because she is afraid to stand on her own two feet in the world.

The old-boy's club of lawyers in the region do not want to release Mother England...despite the prejudices of race and culture that they faced during their law studies in the 1960's and 1970's. They love the chance to become Queen's Counsel and new suits from Saville Row and the chance to spout about socializing at the Inn dinners.

Because we apparently, in the Caribbean cannot cook good food, tailor fine suits and a paltry Senior Counsel title is insufficient to satisfy them. Not mention our ability to adjudicate upon matters...seemingly an impossibility if you listen to the pundits. Read today's article on on the Privy Council - at least one of them wants us to set up shop down here.

Sir James asks how many law books have been written by Caribbean authors...Fiadjoe, Kodiliyne, Alexis, McIntosh, Antoine, clearly escaped his reading list. What about the various legal manuscripts and papers that are produced by Bar Associations throughout the region?

Is it to say that every legal issue has been tackled by Caribbean legal minds by way of thick volumes? No, but can we deny that we have been dealing with them for decades and are more attuned to the social, cultural and legal elements that exist within our Caribbean civilisation. It would seem that the inevitable outcome would be a homegrown judicial system.

Why do we question the ability of our learned legal minds to effectively give justice to our it that we are indeed questioning ourselves?

Self-determination must occur at some time...or shall we flail in the shadows of the Privy Council until they remove themselves as our final Court of Appeal. Guess you never thought of that possibility?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yes, we must

Why the mandatory nature of the sign of the building formerly known as "Bottlers".

Ironic, that that building should be chosen as a promotional mechanism as attempts are being made to 'bottle' us into making a decision where too many of us are ignorant of the comprehensive ramifications of that 'choice'.

I question whether we are capable of making a choice...even my own personal ability. Do I seek to make my own mental calculations or do I body-surf on the opinions and views of others? I am constantly asking myself...what will I do on the 25th of November 2009?

And I fear that on the morning in question I may lay in my bed and ask that question...go to work contemplating whether to join the line in my polling district...maybe ponder the throbbing desire to execute my civic duty during lunch...and possibly return to my home still uncertain - never to see the ballot paper...never to play a role on an outcome that is too vital to our lives as Vincentians.

And who is to blame for this indecisiveness? A trait that is foreign to my nature, a bitter element that seems to override my usual knowledge of what I want in life.

I blame myself for not undertaking to educate myself on the issues at hand and sharing that knowledge with others...not with the aim of conforming their thoughts but offering insight so that they too may cultivate an understanding to counter the ignorance.

I blame my leaders, both in Government and Opposition who seek to satisfy their internal gnawing desire for national dominance and superiority over each other by misinforming the public and failing to offer a balanced education.

I blame the people of the nation of SVG...who sit idly by; fascinatingly watching our leaders wreck our country...our only participation being the play-by-play commentary of the goings-on.

We have failed ourselves...yet we are blind to the self-destructive path that we are slowly rolling upon - do you think we will notice when the speed picks up towards a catastrophic series of unfortunate incidents that may rent our nation into pieces...pieces that may be found and restored to former glory or lost forever?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The need to deceive

There is a seeming need to deceive that is consuming our national leaders.

Why was there a paid advertisement in one of our local newspapers this past be exact page 23 of the Searchlight Newspaper...which sought to summarise the "no" and "yes" questions.
I say they sought but really the intention was to misinform, misdirect, and misrepresent the true content of the Constitution.

They sought to appeal to the emotive element of our human nature...a base reaction and nothing else. Number 3 on that list would like to suggest that same sex marriages would be allowed if the Constitution Bill 2000 does not survive the November 25th vote.

That is blatantly misleading the Vincentian people...who the politicians are aware have a limited scope of understanding and education. The knowledge that is required to fully comprehend the full weight of the Constitutional provisions is not had by the average Vincentian. But does that demand that our leaders fool us...or at least attempt to. Clawing onto the cloying homophobia that is a "majority"perspective.

Same sex marriages were never allowed in SVG and will not exist whether or not the Bill goes through. Stop lying to us....stop ruining our faith and trust in your leadership competence.

Do you not realise that you are our representatives and when you lower the quality of leadership, you sink us, the masses, into a mire of confusion?

Monday, September 21, 2009

The failure of a people

It is unbelievable but it has happened again...the people of SVG have been failed by our so-called leaders.

The NDP has decided not to participate in the round-table discussion on the Constitution Bill 2009 being hosted as I type this note. My disappointment can be contained, which is sad because it seems as I have adopted an apathetic perspective to the chances of a positive discussion among our leaders.

Even if they have decided not to acknowledge the position of Mr. P.R. Campbell, QC as Chairman of the CRSC and a member of the "Yes" vote committee - at least they could have risen above the petty nature of that issue to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to be a part of the discourse. It would have enabled them to communicate their perspectives on the Constitution Bill to an audience within and beyond our geographical borders and into the diaspora.

Rather, they insist on wallowing in their pathetic claims of "not recognizing the invitation of the Chairman of the CRSC" - NDP YOU HAVE FAILED SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES. But can we expect anything different, can anyone recall the ridiculous reasons why they refused to nominate someone to the Drafting Committee?
They insist on maintaining a partisan environment - a rift between the colours...well done in your attempt to fail the people...because surely the NDP has not acted for the betterment of the nation, their party....indeed, they have failed themselves.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Postpone the 25th November what result?

The voices call for:
(1) a yes vote; or
(2) a no vote; or
(3) a postponing of the vote on a whole to enable balance education on the Constitution

But what will any of those options bring us?

A yes vote will give a document that reigns supreme but dissent seems as if it would fester among the masses...shall anarchy rain upon us as a result? And what if that yes vote is obtained...what will the NDP do if they were to succeed in the next general elections? Ignore the issues that they labassed while in opposition..the same way the ULP ignored the traffic lights upon succeeding at the polls in 2001.

A no vote will be an inevitable dismissal of the positives for the sake of what? Satisfaction of ignorance or a determination to effect all the changes that certain people wish?

A postponement will bring what....I dare suggest it will be a mere delay of the the results of 25th November 2009. Because there is no one entity or organisation that seeks to offer a balanced education. Like teaching the Creation theory and disregarding the Evolution concept in the name of doing what is supposedly right?

We started out wrong with the education on the Constitution...which means our foundation is faulty and shall remain so unless a revolution of the minds takes place. Then our columns are shaky and our walls are unstructurally sound and our roof is made of thatch in the midst of hurricane weather.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Loved the cartoon depiction in the Searchlight newspaper this week...the concept of the demand to enter into a zone was artfully portrayed.

I especially loved the fact that SVG was identified as a baby...a creature that has just entered into existence..with leaders that we hope to be mature, wise and national-minded enough to guide us along this path.

It also reminded me of the story in Solomon where the mothers fought over a child and the threat to cut the child in half evoked the true mother...who was willing to relinquish her desire to raise a child in order to preserve the life of the child.

So, to the Red and Yellow....what state of anarchy do we have to arrive at as a nation to arouse the true passion of the mother...

Dare I wonder if such feelings can ever come to fuition?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

In the beginning

This is a means of communication...a vibration...a time to speak, express, scream...a means to just be. Sometimes, maybe to be silent (which is a underestimated quality, by the way).

Just be myself and voice my views on my country and listen to others. Beautiful Saint Vincent and the much I love this nation.

Because, I, like so many unrecognized masses, remain on the fringes...observing. We have yet to cross into a zone of red, yellow or green.

Maybe like me, you feel as if there is NO DAMN NEED to cross into a zone of colour and cannot understand for the life of me why we should have to.

So, who am I?
I am green, gold and blue.
What do I want? I am on a quest for knowledge, the ability to make informed decisions in this journey called life...I seek a constant state of EPIPHANY.