Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wasn't it grand

Well this was a year of a plethora of memories (I always wanted to use that word "plethora" - meaning - an overabundance...excess). Merely because it was memorable, the excess is actually appreciated, desired and my mental pot belly will be patted fondly in times to come.

Fondly I say because although we had some dark moments, it is hoped that we shall still rise (courtesy of Abeni).

I do not normally, make declarations on my personal life but I can say that for the first time, I am pleased with the assertive role I stuck to in an attempted relationship. I refused to accept treatment which was below standard. Boo-yah to me. Nevertheless, I know I struggle daily with the ability to express myself emotionally so I will take some responsibility for the failure.

Our nation underwent what can only be described as an intellectual furor - where passion for knowledge rode as hard as the zeal for ignorance...the Constitution Bill 2009 and all its side runners. I still do not know who won that race but I am not interested in a replay with the same horses.

The airwaves were with every variety of topic. I think if guest speakers were compensated in cash or kind....this would have been a fruitful one. I dare say that it will get more heated...but it is uncertain if the FM personalities will be willing to share a microphone with anyone but the usual names. Sad to say, but there is a unpleasant doubt that many forums will consist of a diversity of opinion.

I am making a call for a revolution in the nation when it comes to the social departments...there must be a policy-seeking investigation into the social lives of Vincentians. Too many minor issues that can be resolved with honest assistance flare up into domestic catastrophes. There must be something that can be done to tangibly improve the lives of our people...beyond academic scholarships and the occasional "Vision now".

I waiting for Aunt Jobe's to open on this side of the country...I fed up driving there just to get some decent soy milk. Sorry, I like my fried chicken homemade.

I am looking forward to being entertained by the politicians in 2010 while at the same time having my cynicism towards partisan politics further ingrained. Is this the mental process that socialists go through before they pick up arms?...uh oh...but interesting.

I was flu-ridden and missed the Starlift programme....Do I have to wait until next year?

I am not into resolutions...but if I accomplish anything new, great and exciting I may just document it here. 2010 here I the way, I will be going to sleep after I come from Church.

farewell...see you on the morrow.

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