Monday, October 26, 2009

Well, I just reached in the house and my shoes not even off yet. I have returned from the Vincy Homecoming celebrations - the Cultural showcase, which was a phenomenon in the Vincentian community. I have seen nothing like it in SVG before and I can only hope that we move up and forward with it.

But I am pissed...the PM made a record time speech, in time to hand the flag over to a cadet to raise it, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. I could not look at the flag as I mouthed the words...Alas it was placed upside down with the diamonds as evidence of this travesty. I am not sure how many people realised this....the band continued playing and the crowd was obliged to stand to sing along.

I think of this happening in another nation, where the proceedings may have been paused to correct what could have been a genuine that the cadet responsible will likely face public humiliation over and may even affect her/his continued involved in the cadet force. (we know how much we like a public fall, even if our nation will be sullied by it).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SPARTANS...what is your profession?

The 300 have been released - not the Spartans off the protect their glorious empire...but the "canvassers", "the well-informed individuals who will educate the Vincentian public". The government's 'Yes' campaign 'trained' and 'prepared' 300 persons to go throughout the nation telling Vincentians why we should vote yes in the Referendum.

Yesterday afternoon, my family and I were visited by one of the members of the 300 but what a shock I got. The dear lady who looked completely overwhelmed by the sweltering heat of the late afternoon...took my name and told me (with a strange smile) that she was sure I and my father were voting yes. I watched her in surprise and my father voiced the words..."But, you brave to assume that we voting yes".

The woman's reply iced the crap cake..."Well, I have to fill out two of these forms before the end of the day and I am making it easy on myself by going to the homes that will vote yes". And the cherry on top was the fact that she did not talk about the Bill and the brochures she had were in limited supply and we were assured that she would send some for us the next day.

This is the shit training and preparation that Senator Francis was taking about...these are the people that are being paid do this...ass - u- me census. Lawd, I wondering if to believe the story that ULP is trying to find out how many votes they will have for next general elections. Four million...kiss my ass...I hope I just got the rogue canvasser and all the others at least know something about the Bill.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is there more to this

In recent times I have been struck with feelings of inadequacy not unlike the teenaged questions of life's purpose that I underwent over 10 years ago.

God knows I have gotten over that stage, thankfully. But my desire for more rests mainly on the disparity that exists among the youth of our nation. We see and hear daily of a youth that seems to be functioning without a sense of direction and the lack of a desire for one. The killings, the grievous bodily harm, the ammunition in the backpack and the homemade guns under the beds - not to mention the stories that are whispered but have not reached the media circuit.

And I want to do something anything to stop this from becoming a generational quality....a means by which we identify them. Is there anyone like me, who wishes to be a part of something greater...more than assisting in a church group, cleaning up a beach but to play a direct role in causing effective, positive that we sorely NEED?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

And how did I arive here

I have this habit of leaving home between 6:45 and 7:13 in the morning to avoid a pet peeve of mine.....traffic. Just before I approach the Arnos Vale roundabout, I pass a bar adorned in red and white domino designs with a mango tree in the yard. Without fail, I am guaranteed to observe at least 3-5 men sitting under, you would not believe a mango tree, at a rustic table and bench.

These men are not partaking of a breakfast of fruit or even street corner intellectualism. While I avoid and even criticise judgmental personalities..the well-worn chubby bottles with clear liquid that pose before each man belie their early morning appearance....Their lounging posture is possibly one of lethargy not relaxation. I think most likely I am viewing the results of what we proudly call our "strong rum"....aka stale drunk, aka hung over.

And before I continue, I will say I am not a teetotaller - I have had my nights of excessive drinking and I am sure that I may have a couple more to enjoy and endure. But really what are these men doing...have they no jobs?

And I wonder, how far are any of us, who indulge/enjoy/savour, in distilled delights from that state of sad existence....and how many of us support or habit cloaked behind an executive desk, executive secretary or tailored suit? I ponder at the times I have wished and declared the need for a strong drink in the middle of the afternoon after a morning of constant tasks not realising that I am conditioning my mind to accept a mango tree state in my carpeted office.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Losing the human touch

For the last couple days I have been seized with a fear that I am losing my human touch...the fragments of compassion for the man or woman next to me seems to be fading away.

I was watching Ellen De Generes on HBO this afternoon and she was talking about the evolution of greeting habits. She said we don't really want to hear how someone is feeling. We say "Hi, John, how are you?" and we pray that he says "Great, thanks." We don't want to hear him say "Not, too good". Why?
It is either we are beginning to lose concern for others or we are simply too busy to pay attention to the lives of others?

For me I have to think it is the latter.....

I have never been an overly emotional person but there is a rising disconnect from reality that I am experiencing. Maybe my career choice demands that I listen to the outpouring of the soul and mind too often that I am too drained to address my mind to emotional issues of others.

I find myself passing acquaintances and old family friends on the streets of Kingstown saying "Hi, how are you ______ and saying "I am fine thank you" on the same breath...without waiting for their reply. Sometimes, I cannot fill in the blank space and I can only hope that my winning smile will conquer that failure to recall their names.

There must be a remedy...a solution to what must be defined as a social travesty. Except I cannot seem to determine what it could I too busy to formulate one at least for myself?
But I will endeavour to start small and maybe even a little a good deed everyday. Some word of act of kindness...something that I am not required to do to satisfy my daily quota of work obligations...something that I chose to do.