Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SPARTANS...what is your profession?

The 300 have been released - not the Spartans off the protect their glorious empire...but the "canvassers", "the well-informed individuals who will educate the Vincentian public". The government's 'Yes' campaign 'trained' and 'prepared' 300 persons to go throughout the nation telling Vincentians why we should vote yes in the Referendum.

Yesterday afternoon, my family and I were visited by one of the members of the 300 but what a shock I got. The dear lady who looked completely overwhelmed by the sweltering heat of the late afternoon...took my name and told me (with a strange smile) that she was sure I and my father were voting yes. I watched her in surprise and my father voiced the words..."But, you brave to assume that we voting yes".

The woman's reply iced the crap cake..."Well, I have to fill out two of these forms before the end of the day and I am making it easy on myself by going to the homes that will vote yes". And the cherry on top was the fact that she did not talk about the Bill and the brochures she had were in limited supply and we were assured that she would send some for us the next day.

This is the shit training and preparation that Senator Francis was taking about...these are the people that are being paid do this...ass - u- me census. Lawd, I wondering if to believe the story that ULP is trying to find out how many votes they will have for next general elections. Four million...kiss my ass...I hope I just got the rogue canvasser and all the others at least know something about the Bill.


  1. That's amusing and sad at the same time.I wonder how much they get paid and where do I sign up for a job?

  2. one of them apparently phoned a friend of mine... my friend asked: "are you a constitutional lawyer? because i understand that only constitutional lawyers can interpret this thing... unless you're one i don't want to speak with you..."

    end of phone call...

  3. The sad part is that we are fostering a culture where people do not feel inspired to work for "the honest dollar" and merely want to get a buck where ever they can eek one out of the system.

    And they wonder why people deal in drugs and guns?


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