Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is there more to this

In recent times I have been struck with feelings of inadequacy not unlike the teenaged questions of life's purpose that I underwent over 10 years ago.

God knows I have gotten over that stage, thankfully. But my desire for more rests mainly on the disparity that exists among the youth of our nation. We see and hear daily of a youth that seems to be functioning without a sense of direction and the lack of a desire for one. The killings, the grievous bodily harm, the ammunition in the backpack and the homemade guns under the beds - not to mention the stories that are whispered but have not reached the media circuit.

And I want to do something anything to stop this from becoming a generational quality....a means by which we identify them. Is there anyone like me, who wishes to be a part of something greater...more than assisting in a church group, cleaning up a beach but to play a direct role in causing effective, positive change...one that we sorely NEED?


  1. I wish I was living in St Vincent to do this. I've just finished two certificates in youth work and have ben volunteering at a youth advise centre for the past yr and also at the International Award Association since April. I hope that one day I will be able to help my country's youth.

    In the meantime, what do you have in mind? I'm sure in some way I can get involve.

  2. I would love to just go out and do,help, serve but the reality of life is that we are so busy. There must be some organisation that can offer a mentoring system, youth support groups and the like in an effort to curb the continued loss of direction and purpose and to foster development.


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