Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Corruption or carelessness?

So hot hot story is the issue with the PS of Agriculture and his company that sells goods to his own Ministry for exorbitant prices. I watching it on news right now.

It is high time that a rule be put in place in relation to matters like this -

Whether or not Allan Alexander really upped the price for items sold to his own Ministry is not even the key issue - why is it even possible for any person (high level or low level) in the Public Service to create a business enterprise/company that makes its profit from the Public Service itself?

What happened to transparency? What happened to plain honesty?

Why is this an occurrence, oftentimes leading to corruptible circumstances on a repeat performance on the national landscape? In and of itself, is there not an obvious conflic of interest?

Like the allegation that Glen Beache has set up a marketing company to do all the business for the Tourism Authority? Or that Dr. Rudy Matthias incorporated a company that made huge real estate deals with the IADC?

I am not against a legitimate transaction between a business/company in which a public official has an interest and a government ministry/department. But it should be done in a transparent manner, where independent assessment is undertaken to ensure that there has not been an exploitation of authority and that the deal is indeed a beneficial one for the government.

But this is what I am not certain about - do any of our leaders see this as being a fault in the government system or are they merely content to ensure that the purses are not bursting but just filled to capacity?

Monday, December 6, 2010

This is what it boils down to?

The battle faced by ethnic and gender minorities within the last century so as to gain access to the ballot box is nothing short of historic yet it seems that little regard is given to the prize - the democratic right to vote in a general election.

The exercise of my vote has been reduced to the following:

(1) Misrepresentation by the ULP on their project achievements by omitting the fact that mu ch of the funding came from the negotiating work of the NDP (e.g. the Ottley Hall debt relief or the EU funding for many of the new schools within the last 10 years.)
(2) The absence of a future planning outline by the NDP, despite their clarion calls for reinstatement.
(3) The ad by Eloise Gonsalves, in which the same amount of expression that is used to state how much she loved her husband was also seen when she stated how disgusted she was by the NDP's vicious lies against dear Ralph not to mention the eyes following the blown-up script behind the camera. (Hope she cut a cheque for that).
(4) A Green Party representative for East St. George, who could not remember the name of her constituency.
(5) The I-hate-Ralph Gonsalves tirade - there is a limit as to how far negative energy will propel you.
(6) The laptop per school child fallacy - the only way I can describe the selling of the idea that laptops brought in for primary students would also be suitable for tertiary level students. (By the way - do we have 2000 children in the school system or am I that clueless?)
(7) The uncertainty as to whether Arnhim is always tired or he genuinely believes that his consistently depressed tone of voice does any good for his campaign.
(8) The personal belief that the ULP mounting/painting/staining/plastering etc of their party colours was done in a way to ensure no/little space to the NDP (or maybe conveniently rejected planning permission).
(9) The throwing around of legality in a seemingly concerted effort to continue ruining the public perception of law and justice in the country.
(10) The NDP ads that encourage us to "accept their (the ULP) bribes but vote them out". What the hell happened to the Representation of the People's Act and the criminal offences?
(11) SVG TV and their blatant bias in favour of the ULP regarding campaign coverage.
(12) The stories of alleged illegal voter registration and the apparent need to mount independent vigils at polling stations on election day to ensure fairness.
(13) The new roads that are being excavated in my neighbourhood - which will not be complete by December 13th 2010 but are being vigourously pursued despite existing roads being in a terrible state.
(14) The obsession with dialect in the campaigns - that is supposed to appeal to who exactly - the uneducated, ignorant, unwashed footed masses who understand nothing but bad english?
(15) The easy entry of ULP candidates into the primary school system, whipping them into childish frenzy chanting "Labour now" or playing tennis with Luke Browne.
(16) The soft openings throughout the nation of projects that happen to be completed in time for elections. Has it been over a year and I ain't reach in the new Library yet?
(17) The obvious lack of proper campaign management of the NDP - which could be their demise.
(18) The fact that a few selected individuals are going to have a financially rich Christmas, regardless how the vote turns out - I can think of a comedian and a cartoonist, what about you?
(19) The possible reality that the ULP has used their power to refuse permission for the NDP to use any Kingstown venues (but yet was able to suddenly relocate their manifesto launch to the Victoria Park after the rain turned Argyle into a slushy mess.)
(20) The lack of investigative, analytical reporting by the media leaving the comparative work to the social commentators.
(21) NDP's criticism of the padded electoral list - despite their failure over 17 years to put a system in place to avoid this.
(22) The vehemence of a particular party and their supporters and despite the media coverage, it is not the NDP.
(23) Anthony Astaphan. I will say no more.

This is what our X, our stained finger (ruining manicures nationwide), our right to vote has been reduced to.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Are you genuinely willing?

We voting, Abeni says it well enough for all of us in our lil blogging community.

But allow me to tackle an issue that existed as a "wonder if" thought frame prior to Sunday night which has now been transformed into a current reality. Last year, our PM marched up and down the country's byways and highways asking for a yes vote in support of the Constitution Bill 2009. One of the major features of the Bill that he pushed was the lessening of the powers of the PM (I am not entering into a debate as to the substance of those provisions) but I must make reference to the power of the PM to call elections at anytime, during the constitutional tenure of that governing party.

Dr. Gonsalves once said (if memory serves me correct) and I agree, that any politician worth his weight should function in a state of readiness for several months prior to the constitutionally due date. But he insisted that he believed that this ability to call elections at the whim and fancy of any PM to be excessive - Vincentians were pleaded with to lessen that power (was there a feeling that his leadership was not dependent on such 'mere' tactical moves?)

About a week or so ago, the PM sat in a press conference and declared that he offered up this power as one of the elements of the 2009 Bill, but "they said no" - insisting that he had already set the date for the elections but it was not time for it to be revealed.

Was this a realigning or re-embracing of this limbo environment - where everyone sits in poised anticipation, alert to every hint, suggestion, breach of confidentiality or slip of the tongue (or wrongly inserted date LOL)? Or was this simply a statement of how 'insignificant' that provision was to him?

So there we have it - less than a month in which full-fledged campaigns can take place - sweeping the nation in red and yellow, with hints of green - overwhelming us with their voices that shall surely be louder because the time is shorter.

So I must ask and I wish I could get an answer - Was the Honourable Prime Minister ever serious about limiting that power and effectively setting a constitutional date as to when elections would be held? Was he genuinely willing to relinquish it?

It would seem to me that if he was indeed desirous about limiting that power, he would not await the inclusion of such provisions in a Constitutional Bill - but would rather conduct himself in a manner that would imbue the 'spirit' of that limitation that he purported to 'desire' last year, around this exact time. But maybe that desire was for a season - one that has faded away - one that the majority of Vincentians said no to - one that has only a similarity in calender dates.

Even though, strategy-wise calling quickie elections makes sense, I hoped the exercise of our civic duties, would meet us at a more settled state as a nation rather than having such pertinent issues pending - like the NCB sale, the Argyle airport, or even a return to some semblance of normalcy for the persons displaced by Hurricane Tomas. (I am sure you can add to the list ) Is this my treasured naivete speaking or am I realistic in wishing that our PM acted in a more statesmanlike manner by adopting one of last year's highlights?

But here is my hope, my epiphany:

We have been hearing, listening, learning and analyzing for the last couple years -
we have become aware of many things, essential, trivial and in-between, seeing the change in our nation, our leaders and ourselves -

may we take these lessons, remain firm in our stand to better beautiful Uromai, make the decision that is reasonable in our own minds and prepare to embark on a continuation of our independence journey, while respecting each other.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Dream on

I am a couple years away from 30 and I have found myself settling into a routine that is comfortable but pulsing in my sub-conscious (with occasional thrusts forward) is that desire for thrill -because like many persons, my life is spent doing what I love but sometimes don't like.

I recently created a list in my mind of the things I want to do - maybe perfect them or just try once. Some are feasible, while others border on shaky ground. Most are possible and a couple may cause a questioning of my sanity.

So rather than wait until I am approaching 60 and creating a bucket list of regrets, I thought I would dub this "the list of the evolving me".

1. Bungee jumping.
2. Learn how to play the classical violin/cello/piano.
3. Write a novel.
4. Play mas in Brazilian Carnival, with just body paint.
5. Backpack through Europe.
6. Ride a Harley-Davidson across the US.
7. Meet Oprah Winfrey.
8. Go to the Amirita Spa in Canouan and soak in a hot tub - facing only the ocean.
9. Eat sushi in Toyko - low couches, sake, chopsticks, wasabi, soy sauce all of it.
10. Visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
11. Live in Greece for an entire year ((preferably while doing 3).
12. Own a wardrobe of Michael Kors clothing only.
13. Dive on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
14. Surf in Chile (but I have to learn how first).
15. Host a social commentary interactive programme in SVG.
16. Visit every jazz festival in the Caribbean.
17. Create a regional organ donor programme.
18. Reach a place of spiritual fulfillment.
19. Design and own my dream home.
20. Host bi-monthly dinner parties for friends and family.
21. Have a mural wall by my fave Vincy artist, of course in the dream home.
22. Own and manage my consultancy firm.
23. Retire before 50.
24. Learn to belly dance.
25. Experience genuine, intimate love with a beautiful man - however brief or long.

I know I am missing some stuff but this is my way of reminding myself and hopefully you to continue dreaming - never fails to be a fun experience.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I received a message from a colleague of mine, asking for a boycott of Trinidadian products since the PM of Trinidad and Tobago has stated that any assistance offered to CARICOM must involve benefits to Trinis. I would honestly say that I am not surprised. Persaud-Bissesar is the product of circumstance rather than experienced merit.

So before I began a Kingstown Tea Party, I had check out the media coverage of the comment - first to ensure that it was even made and second to comprehend the context in which it was made.

[check out the Trinidadian Express and the Guardian newspapers].

So, she made the statement. But Rowley, the Opposition Leader is faulty for refusing to participate in discussions relating to determining what aid should be given to CARICOM. The basis of his refusal is that the condition attached to the yet-to-be determined aid is "backward", "colonial" and basically an attempt to thwart any relationship favoured by his party - formerly led by Patrick Manning.

I was saddened by her words - the second such statement by her within recent times but I am in two minds or should I say seeing both sides of the coin.

The reality is any diplomatic offering, whether it be humanitarian aid, regional investment or otherwise always comes with strings attached, whether it comes from a developed country or developing nation. Maybe Kamala has simply not realised that such declarations are better not made in the public forum, limited only to confidential discourse among regional peers. After all her rise to leadership involved a battle within her own party and nation, the lack of interaction among CARICOM leaders now showing face.

The other aspect of this is the callousness of the statement. How dare she rank the desire to ensure the benefit of her nationals in the same category of the families, villages and communities that have been ravaged by Tomas? Has she seen or was she even cognizant of the dire needs not trivial wants of St. Lucia, Barbados and our very own Hairouna? I spoke to a close Trinidadian friend of mine and she had seen pictures that I had not even seen of my own country and that was on Monday.

As I sit here, uncertain if my internet connection would even allow this to be posted, our own PM must be applauded for his response to the comments - stating that he does not respond to comments made by PMs that are communicated to him via the media. I wish we could see that level of reasonable logic from him and others on a consistent basis.

I wonder what were the conditions that Haiti (earthquake 2010), Grenada (Ivan 2005), or South-east Asia(tsunami 2004) had to agree to so as to ensure that food, water, tents, medical aid, and clothing could be received. Indonesia is currently experiencing a volcanic eruptions - what will they have to promise to get masks to prevent inhalation of ash and smoke?

I am tempted to blog on the possible effects of this Hurricane on the political landscape but I shall refrain while I pray and do my best to bring our nation back on its feet.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

March 20th 2010 - read it

March 20th, 2010 I wrote a blog about the whole Anesia Baptiste position - I just discovered the last comment - read it. It completely justifies my perspective on these people. Religious fervour at its best and hilarious too. Apparently, I will fail and fall and all other horrible things for speaking out against the prophecies that Anesia will become the first female PM.

Maybe I should be worried because I am not certain as to how far their passion will carry them but I am cracking up in my porch. These people are outrageous - if you are going to battle me with words - come good baby. I got a dictionary and an appreciation for Shakespeare. I got a sermon - all that was missing was the Scripture but of course there is no Biblical foundation for their energy apart from carefully selected verses and their ordained interpretation thereof.

By the way for the Thusians reading this, I respect that you have a firm belief in God but I do not appreciate your disdain for other beliefs. I may not be the holiest person out there and God knows I fall short many a time but I do believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit so say what you have to say - Isaiah 54:17 - "No weapon formed against me shall prosper" despite my non-traditional ways of self-expression.

This bitch is out....Peace and freedom y'll.

Dare to debate

I have come to the sad realisation that there is no or little appreciation in this beautiful nation of ours for the opinions and thoughts of others.

Once we have a perspective (turgid or flaccid) on an issue, any variation from that requires one to rise up with gasping bewilderment or contemptuous disgust at the intellectual incapacity of the person(s) who dared to challenge us or even merely seek clarification on the position.

It would seem to me that if our leaders truly believed in what they say, and that could be contrasted with the opines of a contender, one should not have a problem engaging in discourse - and by that I mean, a debate.

A battle of words - not the "you begged me for money when you were doing your studies" kind, rather I envision a more eloquent, graceful speeches with non-antagonistic approach.

There is no doubt that our politicians have voices - their performances of wit, wisdom and wasted energy on the political platforms dotting our community corners of recent allude to that fact. But where are their "inside voices" - the same message of "vote me, vote me" with your mother's best manners and etiquette lessons on display.

Is it that there is no true message, no unique propositions to challenge today's issues or a genuine fear of being reminded of the failures of our past or even present existences?

Frankly with the ULP we all know who runs the show - the Comrade's cronies/constituency contenders are rehearsed (some better than others), with little or no self-understanding of what they have been schooled in saying. Granted I don't think he actually conducts weekend seminars but any discerning individual would notice his uncanny ability to speak about anyone not aligned with him, with an limitless incredulity. His constantly raised eyebrows and chuckle in almost every conversation and press conference is geared to make one think "how could they ever come up with this idea" or "how dare they?".

With the NDP, the Son is on a seeming verbal rampage and apparently no one in the party is aware of the fact that he is not contending a seat, is officially retired from public office and has a solid resume of statesmanship behind him. Everyone else in the yellow hues only have voices for complaining and identifying to the Vincentian public the follies of the reds. I was relieved to read of their ideas for home health care provisions for the elderly in one constituency with the hope of making this a national project - how refreshing. But my cynical nature asks, if implemented is its longevity dependent on success at the polls?

I would think that the true passion that everyone presumably has for this nation would cause to build up a desire to meet opponents across a table, with a well-placed moderator in the center. I would always give Ken Boyea some respect for the fact that he showed up in the only known (to my knowledge) attempt to debate around 2001, if memory serves me well.

But let me be the philosophical shrink - our society has taught us to be dependent on what we have to determine what measure of respect we have for ourselves -the family names, lands and companies, the titles and the spouses - the house in this or that neighbourhood and the social association factors. My generation has added to that the degrees, the cars, the "it places" to be on Friday and Saturday nights, the bling and the sugar daddy element - these are the THINGS that define us.

Once mankind allows the material elements in life to become a determination factor, the elements of true humanity are shelved in the recesses of our minds - and if it were ever to face a revival, one would have to contend with the reminders of when we first dismissed it.

When one shrugs off the seeking of knowledge, wisdom and experience through life lessons and drape on the pride of what we have and who we know - we lose confidence in ourselves, we stop believing in who we are and stop dreaming of what we can be.

We cling to coloured flags for self-determination, we chose to believe in only what favours us and we wallow in speculations of today. We fear the opportunity to shine under spotlights not created by our 'own' - forgetting that we all have blood running through our veins. We fear that our childhood speech impediment may make a comeback when faced with unrehearsed answers to unexpected questions - we fear that the other person may use a word we don't understand, since we tout paper knowledge but not comprehension.

In essence, we fear ourselves because we know that we are not whole, we are impure creatures with decomposing bodies in the closet.

And the response to the rare calls for a debate is full of denial in the ability to find an objective personality to moderate - uncertainty as to its structure - a blatant refusal to seat oneself across a desk from a person that could challenge us in ways known and unknown.

AH HAH - now I understand why talk radio is so popular - here and elsewhere -challenges and undesired responses can be so well disregarded. The control principle along with the perceived anonymity factor are essential in allowing hosts/moderators and callers alike to run amok on the airwaves.

Sigh, I think that my blogs of late and of future are and shall be reflective of a cry for what we can do, who we can be - simply because I firmly believe that I have a duty as a citizen of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to vote, not merely in ode to the achievements of blacks and women, but as an individual who wants to be a part of the formulation of my government. In my mind, it would seem to be hypocritical to continue this blog if I refuse to stain my finger on general elections day simply because I am sadly unimpressed with the Parliamentary buffet line. But is it wrong for me to desire a Sara Palin attitude when she shook Joe Biden's hand and said "Can I call you Joe?" - she may have been poorly prepared but she made up with enthusiasm.

(P.S.) I always seek a graphic element that encapsulates the underlining theme of my blog - hence the cartoons (no credit to me, except to my googling capabilities) but like this chosen one - we all want what is best for the country, the same way we all want to be able to wipe our asses.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Quality assurance

I am leaning more and more towards not voting at all whenever elections are announced. I have looked and listened and all have been found wanting.

It is not to say that I seek perfection but standards of some decent level are a reasonable expectation. What the hell is being fed to us by the persons driving after political governance of this country? The utter drivel that flows from the mouths of men and women that we all know are intelligent, socially aware but maybe not wise, or fully cognizant of the effects of their conduct, their words, their omissions.

I am tired of the stories and the fairy tales of tracking, following, creeping, cheating, suspecting and depositing. I want someone who has the ovarian or testicular fortitude to handle the issues, offer a realistic perspective, propose to find the truth, or adopt the phenomena of fairness.

But as I said in a previous blog, the means by which our limited Westminster system operates demands that we sell our voices and consciences to achieve Parliamentary milestones. How many retired (whether forced out by scandal, loss of constituency seat, or voluntary exit) politicians have track sheets of their acts or omissions in the name of party loyalty that would have spun the lives of Vincentians amiss?

So it comes back to the title, where is the monitoring system in this country? We have the Chamber of Commerce and the Bureau of Standards that theoretically are in existence to maintain certain levels of fairness and representation on behalf of certain entities and consumers alike. Even though we all know the misnomers that can arise from believing that these systems are the sure fire way of addressing the concerns of their relevant stakeholders - at least they do exist.

So where is our truth regulator? Where is the person or the persons concerned with demanding the maintenance of some standard of quality among our leaders? The irony is that a government may have to be the one to formulate, fund and facilitate the creation of this dire need.

And then that entity would be subject to criticisms of unfairness or unwarranted suspicion, like J F Mitchell's indictment of the Supervisor of Elections, according the media coverage this week.

And then where are the masses in this whole fiasco? Sitting back nonchalant, cussing, quarreling, defending, rinsing of our brains, requiring nothing further than a hype, a momentary flash of angry at the unjustly actions of the reds and yellows. We have not determined within ourselves the need to be treated better, found the ability to demand a higher level of discourse.

Why? Maybe we are fearful of our own voices, our minds? Do we think ourselves unable to express our concerns for ourselves, families and country? Are we so intimidated by the titles, the flash and the misconceived notions of 'me-reach-high-above-u' that we silence our cries for our communities?

So here we are, stuck in the maze of confusion, filled with endless communiques of useless information that accomplishes the flushing of our mental cheeks, making us undertake a temporary indignation but not a righteous one.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The ULP/NDP ad

If you deign to look at SVG TV during the news period (7-8 pm), like me, you would have likely seen that black and white ad from the ULP that took most of its content from an NDP ad - I was confused - I was not sure why there was an NDP ad with a voice over (sounding suspiciously like Kaleel Cato) dissing the same ad, until I realised that it was a ULP ad. And another oddity was the red lipstick on V. Frederick's lips - poor video editing because the red smudge smears its way up to her nose and across to her cheek.

But enough about that, this is all I have to say - if an ad is claiming to promote the capability of the ULP to continue running the country by flattering us, calling us intelligent people, at least learn how the hell to spell, so we could see none Vincentians rather than non-Vincentians.

Peace out.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shock me to reality

Over the years I have been exposed to and possibly been a part of the the "blame game theory" - where we find ourselves in precarious, troubling situations and we summon from within ourselves the ability to point fingers and identify the systems, government officials, and entities that are responsible for our untimely demise - yet unable to determine our own role in the saga.

But I was rather disappointed when I read a letter to the editor by Ms. Vynette Frederick, my fellow GHS colleague and the energetic youthful face of the NDP about the plight of the residents of 'Poleyard' - a community that has found itself on the upsurge within recent years. She called it a 'bustling community' of over 200 residents. But what bewildered me was the cry that she made for them to be provided with water because such amenities had not been yet provided to the area. Isn't this an area that houses VINLEC poles and therefore electricity in larger numbers than usual? Should they not be relocated - especially since the government always seems to have lands to give away within recent times?

But I am guessing that numerous politicians have threaded their way through the area and made possibly genuine promises that faltered in the shadows of the reality of the location. I am not an electrical expert (I scream at the slightest spark from a outlet and I am tempted to shut down the fuse box of my house at the hint of lightning) nor am I a community housing expert but I consider myself to be reasonably minded female with a growing notion of what is commonsensical in this day and age. Why would CWSA run pipes in the area to provide them with water - since the chances of it becoming an established community are low to nil? Their continued occupation of that location, while probably founded on the basic need to find somewhere to live cannot be reasonably seen as having any sustainable future.

And giving water to the residents of Poleyard is not even logical in the imagination of the most revolutionary of political directorates - electric poles and water don't mix favourably the last time I wikied that topic. So despite the noble garb of the passion expressed by Vynnie V., it still reeks of unreasonable political hype

What also struck me was her reference to water as an amenity, rather than the basic need that it is. Have our politicians become so sullied by the thrust for power that WATER has become a "pleasant feature of a place" {the definition of amenity in the Oxford}? Usually, I hear the term being used on HGTV, when describing the golf course and the swimming pool access that comes along with a condo being shown to a young couple looking for their first home. I would not readily apply it to anyone in the world that does not have the ability to use clean water for cooking, cleaning, washing, drinking not to mention the automatic absence of sanitary toilet facilities.

And not to mention the fact that Poleyard is located in the vicinity of the airport. I know all the talk about the development of Arnos Vale into a new city and the transformation of the airport into a commercial wonderland - all dependent on the completion of the Argyle International Airport (and we all know what thin strings that balances upon). Why would anyone be interested in improving the well-being of the residents of a community that is so unfortunately positioned?

Would it not be more feasible, both on a political strategy point and national interest point to move them completely? When is someone going to hand these people reality rather than impassioned newspaper coverage? When are we going to be shocked for once and for all and hear someone in authority make an executive decision, disregarding the social upset it may cause and focus on the long-term solutions?

But this is one of many situations that our politicians have allowed to fester, while promising outcomes of grandeur, dismissing the poverty that has driven people to that point and somehow justifying their claim to destitute lives.
Like the Long Wall and Quarry situation, or the houses on the beach in the Georgetown community, or the squatters perched on the hillsides in my own community whose constant clearing of the forest has caused at least two landslides within the last two weeks and damage to the property of a family who would have worked hard to build their home and hearth.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stride on

Finally, I am back on the blogging train.

The death of my four year lap top and the quest for a new electronic investment took a while; but at long last the keyboard is all mine to putter away at in an attempt to express myself at my own pace or maybe not at all.

So as a re-introduction to the cyber world of social commentary, I take this opportunity to capture my brief time of using this forum as a means critiquing our world and in essence, analyzing ourselves. A couple of my fave blogs have taken hiatus from individual blogs with their own personal reasons - justified I hope and not based on intrusive apathy at the issues that we face every day. I admit to having experienced the apathy-the niggling acceptance of the status quo and the shrugging away of the feeling that I should be comfortable speaking my mind.

As an avid reader and an appreciator of the perspectives of others, I can honestly say that blogging has been a refreshing means of indulging myself after a day of hard labour at a varnished desk in Kingstown.

The beauty of publication at any hour - the only deadline being the satisfaction of your inspired moment. The ability to flaunt the art of the English language is its full scope n nt in shrtend abbreviations and shortcut phrases.

The truth is - is that I think we are capable of so much more than the typical - the expected. Like Herbert Samuel, the Vincentian engineer that has entered the GE Ecoimagination Challenge -using the addictive phenomena of social networking for something holistically positive - monitor your electricity usage by entering simple info from your bills and then networking with other persons around the world. I will blog about my actual use of the programme, especially since I have a dislike of social networking.

This is an excellent example of just going beyond usual expectations of engineering or anything for that matter. Widening the scope of our understanding of what we can accomplish if we just open our minds and our hearts to support each other in the journey to create a better global existence.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


(1) part of a traditonal lullaby which promises rewards for silence of a crying child

(2) an apology in Jamaican parlance

Issues that once thrived valiantly on the airwaves, print media and tongues of many now struggle to remain within our realm of consciousness for too long. And I realise that silence is the tool used by the powers that be or concerned parties to dismiss the furor and allow it to die a quiet death.

Like the dunce question...where did that go to? Personally, I found it was appalling that the education of young minds would be tampered with in such a blatant manner and especially since several months have passed since the exam was actually written. I didn't blog about it because the issue was being dealt with by everyone from Anesia to Chris and the ones in between...
The resolution of this issue was relegated to a statement by the Ministry of Education that they don't deal with those problems on a public level but rather leave it to be addressed internally...HUSH.

What about the business that is not a bar and will only sell alcoholic drinks after 6 pm in the school district area? It has not failed to amaze me that the authorities have no problem granting necessary permission to run a business that is not a bar and will only sell alcoholic drinks after 6 pm in that area but yet seem paralysed to make into a school zone...demanding the turning down of music on mini vans, driving with some measure of awareness as to lives that are at stake there, prohibition of the alarming horns and the placement of patrol officers in the area during peak hours... to ensure that another child is not dragged for several meters again... What care and concern we have for our nation's future.

The whole talk about not selling alcohol before 6 pm was and shall remain a figment of imagination in the minds of any right thinking person. Can you imagine a conductor swinging off a bus in a casual yet flamboyant manner, running into the business place with his sneakers that match his cap which match the shades, shirt etc, and demanding two guiness for himself and the driver...and the owner saying...nah man is only 4:45 p.m.....BS if I ever heard it. HUSH

Constitutional Reform ...frozen in liquid nitrogen on 25/11/09 ) H
Argyle International Airport ) U
Breaking in ULP headquarters ) S
The Canadian attorney that was allegedly ravished by the PM ) H

So much more than I can recount....but it is all in passing...all a deja vu experience...1999-2000 all over...where the Opposition was plied with the pleas of the people...calling, crying yearning for change...how much we needed it...wanted it...were willing to do anything to get it...and get it we did....till we created a monstrosity called the present government.

And we are doing it again...failing to learn from our ways...we have not done anything to uplift ourselves and persistently seek the engines of others to propel us on. We are glorifying the underdogs...the unproven...giving to them our unrequited love and adoration.

Unaware of the fact that democracy is not only the ability to remove and the ability to put in place but the power the demand the standards at which our leaders should function at, the power to demand that we be led not danced down a stony path to socialism (which ever version that Ralphie adhers to, since it is not the ones in Cuba and Venezuela).

So we spew out our troubles as they cross our path and we chant along with the sorrows of others until we get the newest mourning call...HUSH

And we move on leaving in our shadows real persons with real problems with no solution...HUSH

But we have done our bit...hyped up in the heat of the battle, pursued in the moment in time...for our own cause...and then we fall silent. HUSH.

We blame it all on the present and lean on the promises of the desirous...HUSH

Hush little baby don't say a word...Poppa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

Sunday, May 23, 2010


The calamity called the socio-political climate in SVG has again continued to thrive in the most outrageous manner.

I will never try to attempt in my blog to claim to have the whole story and despite my attempts at passionate opines on matters of Vincy life...I must question whether I can be ever truly informed on the issue...or can any one for that matter on any issue.

Our lives are constantly merged with present-day illustrations, futuristic implications and historical resurgences...we cannot separate any of them so as to claim independent original thought. It would seem to me that what we experience is the framing of an idea, concept or incident in a way that captures the minds of others...grabs their attention and seats itself in the corridors of their minds for future reference.

This whole drift about socialism - potential, impossible, subtle, blatant....the list can go on.

The Vincentian editorial this week said that all the debate is causing unnecessary fear in the nation...because we would never relinquish our democratic freedom. But rhetorically we were asked in the same editorial...what really is socialism? Is it the implementation of programmes to better the society and people...you read the article, you should get the idea they were going for.

It was brilliantly coined...can we ever define it? Even those who want to list their names proudly in the ranks of ALBA...is it fully grasped..can it ever be? My understanding is that socialism holds to many theories - one being the unfairness of capitalism and the exploitation of the majority by a minority, therefore it seeks to institute a system of governance that would ensure 'equality' among the people.

Which is flawed in its own estimation...because there will always be hierarchies...rank and file...superior and inferior...well-done and rare...the leaders and the followers.

If one were to ensure that no aspect of socialism existed...we might as well go back to the monarchy and create our own royal dynasties...I have my title already picked out...Empress something.

It is not that I am disregarding the import of the issue...Dr. Jules Ferdinand gave his no to socialism last week...and people may have seen it as blowing the issue out of the water. But there is merit to addressing the point.

In reality even though we know...well I KNOW I can never support the concepts of socialism and would fight valiantly against any attempts to implement such in my nation...should we not reasonably be concerned that our own PM has signed on to a document that clings to such ideals...that the nation playing a key role in the existence of ALBA, Venezuela, has a significant record of human rights violations and a practice of nationalising at their own seeming whim and fancy. What impact is this going to play in the mind of Dr. Gonsalves? Even if he is not going to be successful in instituting it...he may not even intend to - But are we not justified in asking a question as to the impact of such a clause in documents we have signed onto?

I once read that no political theory has ever been perfected - we have never given them the chance...capitalism has ruined pure democracy, ironically so because that freedom of choice is the fuel behind that economic system...socialism and communism were battered equally by capitalism, monarchism and hubris within themselves.

And the reality is that we have a people that are dependent on the 'socialist' elements within our society for mere existence...which is why the welfare department is jam packed on a monthly basis...and NIS is a saving grace for others. Yes, these are socialist elements....programmes instituted by the government to ensure the betterment of society. The same way Barbados has been funding the education of their students all the way to University for decades and Trinidad and Tobago introduced the GATE project several years ago to provide education up to your Masters...government did that...not a private entity.

I have never had reason to go into any of the learning resource centres around the country...but if there was a private company doing that...we would have to pay an entry fee...a user fee and there may be an exit price.

I don't get...they call us third world countries because of underdevelopment (ignoring their ravishing of our limited resources and the oppression and stranding of an entire people)...but by God's grace look at what the first and second world countries have fucked up...USA has fostered a culture that finds it acceptable to live above their means because one credit card or four will tide you through...Obama got heat because he wanted a piece of legislation that would ensure the provision of health care for most Americans...his visionary way of maintaining America's economic dominance in the world...and he was called socialist for it...because he was taking business from the private sector...if that was not an excellent example of the callousness of capitalism...I don't know what would be.

Look people...all around us are examples of what has worked and what has not...learn from it. Not just government...but we ourselves. Like the same lessons we have failed to learn from America's obesity problems..spinning into diabetes, kidney and heart failure and people who frankly cannot fit into one seat in a plane...that is why Pizza Hut, Subway, Church's are coming our way...we have not learned.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random idleness

For the last few days the most utter shit has been running through my head and there is this incessant urge to blog about the arbitrary thoughts that are sprinting a lap in my brain...sometimes overwhelming rational thought:

Here's a list of what I can recall:

1. My period is due....and I am craving chocolate and sex.

2. Men are all whores...some are just controlled whores.

3. Posting my resume online because I want a new job.

4. I broke down in the bathroom of my office today and sobbed uncontrollably because my boss decided to act like a jackass...oh and I was PMSing. Obviously related to (3).

5.What has happened when your laptop screen goes white?

6. In all fairness to (2)...All women are sex freaks...some have just not been released as yet and never will be.

7. I think my guy friends jokes are utterly hilarious...and I am over the fact that I am the only female laughing at them.

8. I miss my best friend in Trinidad so much.

9. How to become very financially comfortable quickly and honestly?

10. I am tired of explaining to people why I am childfree and single at age 27 and absolutely comfortable with it. I am now planning to get married and divorced so the topic of relationships will become taboo around me.

11. All these years Karib Cable was illegally tapping US cable....we now have Spanish shows and ads...joyous.

12. I heard a whisper that a friend is getting married to an completely useless excuse for a man...who has no job but walks around blinging...which is long code for drug dealer. And I am silently hoping that I go to his funeral first before I go to hers.

13. I want to organise a flash mob in SVG...to Bomani's song ..."This Island" around Independence this year.

14. I am due to get my BB in less than a month and I am afraid I would not be able to figure out all the apps.

15. Who are these people leaving Chinese comments on my blog? I haven't ordered the Rosetta Stone - Mandarin edition yet people
And the well runs dry.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Secure me

Well, about early last week, I heard a floating story about SVG being put up to the Security Council of the United Nations. At the time, my cynicism on governance kicked in and tried to compete with the nationalistic side of me. Was Labour doing this for another peg in the hole for elections or was some manipulative power putting us up to support their own cause? But then again, why not...why should we be excluded from such realms?

And then tonight the grand entrance of the matter from the level of talk radio to legitimate media...Eustace criticises the lack of publicity on the issue and these are the pointers that struck me with the release from Sir Louie:

* we have been encouraged to go up...
* and it has been years since a Caricom nation was elected onto the Council...
* and why not go up...even if it means jumping the line.

Let us start with the last one....that is asking for a beat down...a licking...if you want to jump the line, you should be bigger than the people in front for defensive purposes. Especially, if the other people standing there for a while and there is a senior citizens line...geeshh. I have given my mouthful to people who have attempted to jump in front of me in a line...I am never impressed. Unless, they ask kindly and plead their situation...like a lady who looked like she was about to release the contents of her womb (it was so big, it could not only be babies in there...maybe a car seat as well).

Columbia was supposedly the nation that got CARICOM's nod...what happen? we were not at that meeting? or maybe SVG did not get the memo. Or maybe it was one of those cocktail agreements made over snifters and cigars.

Either way, I want to know how we jumping in front of. But, really now I know why Ralphie takes up all the talk...if that is the best logic that the people can get from a knighted man who is our Minister of Foreign Affairs.

When last a CARICOM nation sat on the Council is frankly unimportant...after the Europeans raped our wombs and oppressed a entire people...military security in the Caribbean has been relegated imposing immigration laws and the invasion of drugs and guns...that's it.

Grenada had some action in the 1970's to 1980's and 'merica swarmed in to restore control and democracy by occupation by force. Trinidad had a coup with al Muslimeen in 1990 for all of six days...and the man behind it all still walking free today.

That is it people....oh yeah...Union Island wanted to join up with Grenada in the 1970's...that about wraps it up. Security in CARICOM and all the wealth of experience that comes with it. My view is what can we contribute...tangibly...or shall we be a mere nodding to the bidding of another?

Oh wait, the whispers say China wants us on board...remember Tawian is not recognised by the UN...so that means dumping them if China backs us. Plus, China is a permanent member and they probably want to secure their votes by encouraging us to get on board. Eh...so I guess they will take over the runway for Argyle...because the Taiwanese supposed to be giving us this.
You know what I want...better and more affordable technology...Asia is the hottest market for all things tech and people can't afford to buy shit in the country itself. Why these people only giving to charities and making new fruits and vegetables? No disrespect.

To round up...it sounds nice but a part of me thinks this falls into the look-what-we-did category...like the resource centre that has taken ages in a neighbouring community.

I want to feel secure here...in my own nation. I want to hear that police stations have a vehicle to come rescue me if I see a naked man running behind my house...and hear that the coast guard has boats to guard our shores...and hear that there is a safe house for battered women that does not have a publicised address...and hear that there is a registered sex offender's list in SVG...I want to walk the road and know that even if there is a man admiring my ass...I don't need to hear about what he wants to do to me in brokenly graphic English.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Speeches of truth - the path to civilisation

Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers - TennysonJustify Full
I am beginning to understand why Solomon asked God for wisdom and not riches or power, even though they followed soon after.

I was having a conversation with a group of persons sometime ago and we were struck down the middle on the issue of whether age brings wisdom. No one among us was above 50, so youth was a relatively recent experience shared by all. Yet some adamantly stated that youths should be seeking to groom themselves for leadership positions rather than attempting to assert what they considered a premature entry into the realms of authority. Of course, Anesia, Luke, and Michelle were the names that popped out silently.

Meanwhile, there were others, like me, who didn't automatically think that age brought maturity.

Some of the fuck-ups called policy decisions and social programmes that have been effected in this great nation of ours since 1979 Independence has not given much to the concept of nation building - and most of those were instituted by people seen to hold great wisdom.

But then, maybe we wrongfully assume that leaders should be imbued with wisdom upon the ascension to those the hallowed halls of governance and our bubble walls of support resonate with shock when we realise the truth - they are self-seeking, legacy searching individuals, whose contribution to the lifting of society is second to the preservation of their livelihood.

On the other side, there have been changes of significance, of benefit - true social edification - effected by mature men of wisdom.

However, I wonder if we will ever see youth leadership being fostered in its truest form, rather than looking for a mini-me...the placement of a younger face to an old cause. It seems that the youth leaders that we have today must satisfy the minds of the mature in order to be given a platform to speak on.

So then I ask is there independent thought? - when to have a voice that is heard, we must train our vocals to sing their notes. It is easy to have a voice, a perspective and a view that is of merit...but who will listen and how would they chose to listen. Our people have been groomed to listen only within a certain context - and to hear selectively.

The few times that independent voices have emerged from within our society - we gear ourselves to align them one way or the other.

Groups like the PMC baffle the norm...throw away the regulatory line drawing. I will say in my happily naive state, I take the PMC at face value...a group of individuals intent on enlightenment of the people on national issues in a civil forum. (no, they did not pay me). But like most Vincentians, I have never attended an event or discussion hosted by them...I can only commend efforts not execution.

I can't bash anyone for supporting any side...you know the whole prerogative idea. But where are the independent forums?...the open communities where people can reside in safely with the knowledge that they will be respected, encouraged and disagreed with in a humane manner?

Perhaps my plea comes more from within myself - I seek for wisdom...
I am under 30, female, career-oriented, passionate for free speech on socio-political issues and I associate with people regardless of political affiliations, yet I anonymously blog on my opines of life - presently content to remain shielded by a vaguely similar profile pic and ambiguous but truthful statements.

"wisdom is not finally tested by the schools, wisdom cannot be pass'd from one having it to another not having it. Wisdom is of the soul, is not susceptible of proof, is its own proof." -Walt Whitman

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Signs of the times

They say pictures are louder than words and SVG is a virtual coffee table book.

1. In the last couple months, there was a splash of yellow across the country as the underground promotion of the NDP raised its head. Signs popped out all over the place....and not your usual tacky political poster...no pictures, and embracing of colloquial dialect and of course the $1 million dollar question.

But then, some one decided to deface the huge billboard at the Sion Hill intersection, covering the words with white paint. And I thought to myself, somebody is going to be pissed about this and replace this poster...Lo and behold, the sign still up. Every time I see it, I think of the crazy person(s) that would have done this in the dead of the night, practically shitting their pants every time they hear a car coming near.

As I was driving by this week, I realised that it is better for the NDP to keep the defaced board up rather than bear the cost of re-doing it. It is a constant reminder to the public that a government supporter would have allegedly done this...a resounding cry to the road users to "Vote them out" better than any platform address, any galvanize sheet and even the continuation in the recent series of "Government Blunders"...Season 2.

2. Have you seen the bitchin signs on the road to Georgetown? As you approach the Byrea area, there are these gigantic "SLOW" signs painted on the road...I could not figure out what the hell I was slowing for but I did. Then I came upon it....


All in yellow...all on separate lines. I looked, peered and peeped...there was no merging traffic..just one dry gap to turn into some side road. I thought "Impossible, I must have missed it. When I was returning now, I come upon the signs in the opposite direction...Slow slow then BOOM


The sign was longer than my vehicle and I was driving a jeep. Then a friend told me that the dry gap leads to the PM's farm...yeah the one he planned to retire on after two terms. But I figure even though he talking about a third...he reckons that he will most likely lose and he will need the signs to direct him where to turn in, since he will have to get accustomed to driving himself again.

3. Well, Aunt Jobe's is getting there and they painting bright bright hues...lighting up the place, especially since the banner has started to rip and look worn. And guess who following behind, Greaves Supermarket. I see man on machine last week bluing and yellowing the entire building...some spots left back still but boi oh boi...I bet that paint job was not because it appeared on the maintenance calendar since they used the drabbest shade of grey for the building before. Or maybe they testing out the shades they going to use on the Buccament branch...yeah one special special for the resort. Anyway, Aunty better lower she prices if they want me to go in there for anything more than ice cream.

4. Me...getting an expensive phone...sigh. I get cussing from all over...what's your PIN? Pin...common pin, a button pop or something? Don't I feel like the greatest ass? Anyway, I can gladly say I did not give into the social pressure in deciding to buy a BB but the last one I had fell and it occasionally falls apart in mid-coversation. I am the only one who thinks it to be amusing. Dear God, please let it not fall.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I was tempted to title this post..."reclaiming the cunt", inspired by Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues but I know that regardless of my personal perception of the word, I may spark harsh outrage because of someone else's understanding and prevent the message from going out.

Female sexuality....I speak from the perspective of a Vincentian, West Indian, black/black carib, youth-who-grew-up-in-an-era-where-porn-is-the-normal-and-accepted-means-of-educating-oneself-about-that-carnal-pleasure. Not as a therapist, but as a friend that has spoken to my girlfriends and guy friends (never boyfriends) about sexual desires/experiences.

I speak as a woman...I do not dare to speak for women.

WARNING, THIS BLOG POST IS GRAPHIC,if you hadn't realised.

I am convinced more and more that our society and the culture has robbed us (all genders) of the ability to truly and freely embrace who we are as sexual beings. Women are expected to be coy and shy about their cravings for the touch of another (whether it be a caress at the small of your back or the tug of your hair from the man stroking into you doggystyle while you are bent over the couch, where your friends are expected to sit in a couple hours.)

We are to be silent on the numbers that we have racked up in bed partners (or maybe you didn't make it to bed with a few). Let us not forget the same sex yearnings....taboo, outlandish (oh my...were you abused as a child?)

And it is not to say that men are marching with placards displaying the names, times and places of sexual conquests...but no one can deny that the expression of heterosexual male sexuality is more acceptable...easier to digest...simpler for us to remove ourselves from the conversation if we are offended.

Bring on the opposite...let a woman in the company of her peers, smile with relished memories, and nod in the direction of a man, followed by the words..."He moans and likes me to spank his ass when he is cumming" and our political correctness may prevent us from screaming bloody tramp in her face...but it would be the subject of whispered did-you-knows for sometime to come.

This over protection of the expression of what we want has led to repressed women who have never experienced an orgasm, women who are unable to voice the desire to be ravished, women who think that the genitals are part of the domestic duty package and women who simply do not think that there is any pleasure to be had for them in sex.

It has also led to the hush hush on abuse...the fact that your little girl/boy has been touched in her/his special place is not enough for you to pursue justice...rather than protect their future outlook...too many people protect their present image of okayness.
Not to mention the abuse suffered by women...records would show that the areas on a woman's body that is often battered are the parts that represent attractiveness, and sexuality...their faces, breasts and vaginas. Even the verbal abuse between women target those areas, as well, "that ugly bitch", "and she has no ass" etc.

As I looked in horror at the dance thing that occurred in Victoria Park some weeks back and then tonight, SVG TV aired an interview with the principal of SVG Grammar School and he talked about the fact that young women need to respect their bodies...no mention of the young men gyrating in their own fashion or with a girl's legs wrapped around their waists...I forget...the expression of male sexuality, either by themselves or with a female partner is accepted...normal...boys will be boys.

It is not to say that I am against the use of dance to display all manner of emotions and experiences...sexual as well...I have seen at least one well choreographed piece where a sexual act was beautifully portrayed. The difference was the respect and awe with which the act was treated with...it was abrasive and gentle at different moments, reflective of a mature grasp of sexuality. Not the throw-my-ass-into- the-air-with-an-itty-bitty-skirt-on.

God knows I have 'backed it up' more than a few times in my life but never did I do it with the aim of disrespecting my body...neither did my partner ever think that. (I hope). The fact that young women were willing to do this to themselves speaks of a lack of awareness as to who they are as individuals.

Because one of the realities that I have arrived at...is that no matter our assertion as to who we are as women and what we are capable of achieving...there is still a social misconception that our bodies are to be used as flagons of visual lusts...mere vessels holding the ability to quench of male liberties. No matter what is said about women taking over..we are still to men and to ourselves...their pussies. The irony is that even though we have attained the position of sex toy, rarely are we told how to wind ourselves up, how to ensure that we are properly "played" with.

That is another reason why I hesitated at titling this "reclaiming" because I have to wonder if we ever had it at all...and if we ever will. I am not talking about individuals...I have met my share of women who are strong in their sexual desires, and have partners who love this. When will our society see us as equal partners in sexuality? Maybe then, we would see a fall in unwanted pregnancies and AIDS babies, rape, child abuse, and bitchy women who had to endure the humping of a sweaty man the night before.

Imagine, if girls were taught about their genitals from young, the knowledge and awareness increasing as the years pass...child molesters would think twice before reaching out to fondle. Imagine, the happy women who realised that they have a G-spot.

I long for the day that I am able to simply and breathlessly whisper into my man's ear "I want to be fucked...hard" without having to wonder if he would think me 'thirsty' (the colloquial word for a woman who is known to like sex or so I have been told).

Frankly, about two years ago I got over the female lib theories on sexuality...and developed my own. I have been seeking complete comfort (not perfection), which I will describe as the ability to just be me with a guy and let him be himself...no stress, impression, uncertainty or drama, along with all the other trivial and serious elements of attraction.

To be that will allow me to be totally free of inhibitions, because sex is one of the most vulnerable moments that we have in our human experience. My theory is that if I am totally free, then I am open to experiencing what the French call "la petite mort", ecstasy at its greatest peak, womanhood in full bloom.

My theory has remained simply that...a theory...an untested concept...not even a trial run. And the best part is that I am not bothered at all by it. I am presently and peacefully awaiting the day/night that I shall reclaim my cunt.

It will not be blogged about, I will say that much.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hungry for life 1

I am trying to foster an addiction to the gym. I have been a member for over 2 months now...and thank Jah I have seen the changes (slight as they may be).

I am also trying to get over a relationship with chocolate (the bad-kind, like Reeses peanut butter cups, Hersey's cookies and cream and the oreos in the pantry right now [I can hear them whispering to me] luring me to their blue and white plastic figure].

But seriously, healthy living is something that I am trying very very very hard to make into a lifestyle for myself, my family and friends. Not because I have an obsession with flavourless cooking, hate meat, or an affinity for queer looking fiber based food. Frankly, I love yummy shit...(the four-cheese and mushroom pizza from French Verandah; a nice medium steak with cheesy mashed potatoes on the side; or a good ole rice and peas wid coconut milk swimming in the gravy of the stewed chicken on top, oh geesh and some fry plantain).

But these things are not unhealthy in moderation, but our culture does not preach moderation when it comes to good food.."eat man eat, plenty lef back in de pot."

How many times have we been plied with laden plates from family, friends and even in the homes of strangers, who then insist on seconds and thirds. And some people thrive for such occurences. I am repeatedly fascinated by an uncle whose stomach has the capacity of a giant, inhaling large portions of every dish on the groaning buffet table at family gatherings or the co-workers husband who never fails to embarass her with his singular focus of meeting some unknown Guiness Book of Records standard.

To some extent, my denial of the need for a healthy lifestyle plays back to when I was 14 and I envisioned myself to be the fattest person ever. The depise that I held for my body, mind and soul led to 2 years of self-inflicted abuse (my version was binging and bulimia). I am proudly self-diagnosed and treated and healed from that torture chapter of my life.

After I entered into the self-love phase of my life, I regarded all things addressing my body as being obsessive and having the potential to lead me back to sticking things down my throat to rid myself of the entire packet of Fudge Shoppe that I had snuck into my bedroom. With the exception of a stint with pilates and Atkins in my 2nd and 3rd year in university, I was content to ensure that I didn't outgrow my clothing, at the most. Plus, I may die from something else altogether unrelated to the contents of my plate, my cyncism shrugged at me.

Then I looked at Food Inc. and I have forced myself to look within. My claims of being the independent, assertive woman with a whollistic perspective on life is to naught if I do not force myself to address the things that escape my own comfort zone. Why try to balance work and play if not for a better quality life? Then why should food be dismissed from the line-up of target goals?

So this is my new compulsion...I read label voraciously and I have bookmarked too many sites on healthy eating and living. I'll admit easily, that I do shrug the bells in my head at times, like when I ate that almond snickers last weekend or the crap at my desk because the files were piled high. But the overall goal remains the same...try not to do anything to myself that would harm me in anyway. Let someone else have that task.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The powers that be...

Within the last year, my thoughts on governance have undergone septic shock. I have become warped in my distrust of purported leaders, I see them as merely vying for a championship trophy rather than conducting themselves with the best interests of the team in mind.

Ralph spouted over 5 years ago that he was only running for 2 terms but now he is clearly gearing up for a third. Blame my political naivete and my tendency to accept statements that, on their face, seem genuine. I was looking forward to see the grooming of a successor, the passing on of the mantle of power, the releasing of fresh blood into the political landscape.

My waiting has been but in vain...my yearning yet to be sated...I lay restless like an unsatisfied woman.

Rather he has become the Okonkwo of our times...a great man whose hubris will only fuel his self-destruction. He has held onto every government ministry, department, office...made speeches at too many events and frankly many of us are tired of hearing his "rhetoric" as the Vincentian editioral phrased it.

Where is the statesmanship that we saw in Sir James? Even though we know he also did not want to face a terrific defeat in 2001.

Because of this I thought that it would be virtually impossible for the ULP to remain as the dominant political party, despite the shit that the NDP handed out to the people in the name of Parliamentary representation. They served to boost his ego...their absences from the House gave him more time to talk, pontificate and dramatise. But maybe there was method to their madness...sacrifice being the elected official that you are but allow Ralph to metamorphasise into a fascinatingly despicable man. Not to forget their splendid display of guerrilla warfare during the No campaign.

But then this week, I read the account of Patrick Ferrari who claims that he was threatened by Moulton Mayers because of what was supposedly anti-Ralph sentiment on the part of PF. I wasn't there, like most of us, and we are left with a decision as to whether we will accept or shurg off that story. I'll be honest (and here comes my naivete again)...I am tending to believe PF.

But it hits me really hard...Ralph is not the only one fighting to remain. The fact that anyone would DARE threaten the life of another human being in the name of preserving a political leader is mind-boggling. Is this what we have been reduced to? Threats...the flashing of firearms? But then I remember, we have a PM who said he would make SVG inhospitable to persons that have the potential to challenge his political strategies.

Is it a twisted belief that he is still capable of leadership of this nation? Or is it a need, a dependency on the man that demands that they use all and every option to ensure his preservation? The powers that be seem to be floating among us, not always evident to the naked or well-placed eye.

It goes back to my blog on "perpetuating the state of stagnation". Our leaders dish out so many favours and guarantee so many livelihoods, that the maintenance of the status quo means the guarding of a man that can secure this standard of living. Meritocracy remains a pleasant idea.

The sad part is that we, the masses, are the victims. We truly suffer at the hands of men who plead, beg and buy our vote. Representation continues to be an unlearned art and a unfamiliar concept.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

And she will yet fall...my dear people

I dare make a prediction/prophecy/logical deduction.

Anesia O. Baptiste will yet fall.

Was Baptiste wrong?...yes she was. The regulations exist and she has breached them. This much is true regardless to whether you think the regulations should be done away with or whether she has been handpicked to be the victim of legality.

This has to irk some people...because we have become sopranos with the I-hate-Ralph chorus that anyone and anything that stands against him...we cling to. And the greatest example of that is the NDP.

In their eagerness to display youthful support and rein in as much anti-Constitution Bill 2009 venom, they have latched onto an opportunist...a religious one at that.

Freedom think...my ass.

I warned many around that the girl was just accepting the platform that tolerated her views; but only for the moment in time; that she would soon embark upon her own path of leadership and those that placed her there will be spat upon in the name of her divine yearning for the spotlight. She shut down E G Lynch on his own program.

They blazed the streets of Kingstown a couple Thursdays before and 'rallied' their forces for her. But they reared back at the vision of the tornado that they have been wallowing in for the last several months...they have now seen the Wicked Witch of the West and they are trying to silently retreat. They were shocked by her declarations of divine empowerment, spiritual superiority and feverish energy...it seemed not even human, especially with the pinched face of her husband at her side. They seem now to realise the threat she poses to them as well, the uncontrollable virago.

You see Arnhim and his posse came out to support her but had no idea that the Baptiste would use this as yet another platform to catapult her into the favour of the people. Let us keep it real...most of us observed them with disdain before...with au natural image, the long flowing garb and the intense proclamations of being the true followers of the Sabbath.

She must dispel the disquiet within us and weave us into her victimization story, and before we know it she will be spewing the same filth in the best English and genteel manner as she does the ULP.

Telling us how to dress, when to attend the one and true Church where men are separated from the women, how to maintain a neat, coiffed hairdo with only a touch of Church-sanctioned product....in essence a theocracy [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theocracy].

I know it will never happen but it would seem as if she believes she has the ability to succeed in doing so...how many of our youths and disillusioned adults would fall prey to this religion that claims freedom as its mantle yet remains intolerant of all nay-sayers?

Thank you NDP for launching another element into the politically, socially and culturally misfit society we live in - not for the better but a part of one of the worst periods in Vincentian history, my dear people.

Friday, March 12, 2010

How dare you interrupt my delicate senses

Can you hear the clanging cymbals distracting our minds from the polluted lyrics of the sadistic entity called government and the warring faction called the opposition?

Can you hear the echoes of silence on things that matter and the hollow resonance on things that count?

Can you you feel the weight of a palm pressing ever so blatantly against our skulls trying to dull our ears from the truth?

Can you feel the oppression of thought, peace, civility and wisdom?

Can you smell the festering wounds of a lame government who insists on fraternizing with the healthy?

Can you smell the heated metal of opposition weaponry glancing through the air slicing into those same wounds - the wafts of sharpness causing us to rear back in distaste yet peering closer in fascination?

Can you see the leaders, both real and potential, reeling under the sway of the intoxication of a dry robust wine labeled power and staggering from the effects of a citrusy wine called almost power?

Can you see the masses, clawing to be whipped, chained, dragged and branded in their misguided yearning for belonging, favour and acknowledgment?

Have you tasted the bitter residue of an abused nation that deserves better?

Have you tasted the choking smoke of ignorance flavouring our media diets?

I am a woman and I am privileged with the sixth sense of intuition.

Within me, I see us spiraling down...and I can see no one with the ropes, hooks and safety net to catch us much less carry us back up?

Where is the change, what is the difference between yellow and red?

For once, I am deigned to be chaste.

Hesitant in releasing my privilege.

Cautious with my ability to empower someone by gracing them with the honour of my stained index finger.

I want to reclaim my electoral virginity
for I shudder at what I have allowed into my
realm of consciousness.
But I fear political
celibacy is the highest floor to attain for
I have been tainted, sullied and bruised by their whorish acts.

We are falling out of love with this country.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There's a Brown-e boi in the ring

I heard a BROWN-E BOY running for labour pains this round of elections...but I feel he is being hemorrhaged but it don't seem like he realise he getting it good and hard from behind.

What is his work experience? - nil....the boy has been all academics and no practical elbow grinding for the last ten years of his life. He has not cut his teeth on anything to prove capability. I tell you somebody tell that boi he bright....(Yes, I know he brilliant). But there is a difference between feeling you bright (feeling you capable, able and willing beyond realistic notions) and brilliant (the ability to establish goals and pursue them with excellence and wisdom).

And hear the greatest part of the comedy of errors...the part of the joke where you lose the ability to breathe and your stomach feels like it is hitting your spine...he is running against Eustace.

Please tell me BROWN-E BOY knows that he is being made into a scape goat...I secretly think that he pissed off the Comrade and this is the execution of vengeance of the highest sort. I can't swear for the electorate but knock knock...I think he going to lose...and lose bad. And if his speeches of the referendum are any indication...he going to rude during the process.

Why these young people want to be so damn hungry?...eager to join up the ranks of political misnomers...enroll in the academy of deception of the masses and the delivery of mediocre representation.

Now, I am not saying that he should not involve himself if he feels so led to don the colour of blood. But just suppose they make him a senator to sate the bruised ego...he not going to have a ministry because it seems that sunshine will be running through the veins of Vincentians after the next round of the melee called general elections. So he will still be without substantial work experience.

I heard he once declared that he would be the youngest Prime Minister...but he have to fight the Thusian to see who making which record first...she is on lemon roll, with plenty tanginess

And I think the GG was throwing words at BROWN-E BOY when they were swearing in Ces McKie as Senator this week...he called Ces 'young and bright'. He said people who are young and bright feels like the world is theirs for the taking...the sky is the limit. Is BROWN-E BOY he talking bout...I not stupid. And BROWN-E BOY grinning there with Comrade and the Beauty Queen. At least the Beauty Queen smart...she work her ass off (really though she worked it on) and get something on her resume besides the higher education accolades. So when she emerges from the running of the bulls (aka elections) - she could get a wuk back in a lawyer office.

Anyway, on lighter things...I find myself gaining an appreciation for blood (the real stuff now) ever since the movie 300...I am always looking for a show with a "beautiful death"...like the scenes in Starz "Spartacus:Blood and Sand"...I can only say that they are glorious. Not to mention my yearning for HBO's 'True Blood' Season 3 to start...and oh lala...Showtime's "Dexter".
On a serious note...I think my disillusionment with the scarlet hues of our country's governance is leading to a fascination with the shade in the fantasy world...I think I need therapy...Dr.Phil?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Perpetuating the state of stagnation

SVG is not developing at the rate that it should be..reminding me of an autistic child with glimmers of brilliance but the inability to respond to the current environment.

I was having a conversation with a friend today and she began to discuss the changes that would take place in the public sector once NDP wins the next general elections (a fact that she is convinced of). I challenged her on her belief that several well-educated people would be looking for 'wuk' on the occasion of an NDP government. She then proceeded to name and list people from varying government or government-related departments that lost their 'wuk' once ULP came on stream in 2001. Therefore, it is only inevitable that the same cycle must be continued. I asked her about the purported-NDP campaign against political victimisation - she laughed. I guess once the shoe is on the other foot, a different tune is sung.

I was disheartened by the entire thing but I realised that it was an issue that I took into consideration when I returned from university in 2008. I knew that there was a serious possibility of a change in the political directorate between 2010-2011, and to save my mental sanity from wondering the continuation of a public service job/contract in a post-general election environment, I chose the private sector.

I am also guilty of perpetuating the state of stagnation.

The state of stagnation that I speak of is the constant cycle of change that occurs within the public sector. And I am not talking of the change that Heraclitus philosophised about...I think he was thinking of the developmental change signalling growth, blossoming, coming into oneself. Why is it that we have to be constantly maintaining a quick turnover in key positions.

Is it that there is a fear that the policies of a different directorate would be the subject of poor execution? Is this fear legitimate?

Are persons unqualified to continue in their positions...and the persons that replace them more capable to do the tasks?

Or there too many favours to hand out...hands to place in silk gloves once the grease of the campaign has worn off?

A combination of all of the above and more?

It is understandable that once leadership changes, there will be key positions that will have to be revamped so as to ensure that their policies are effected to their satisfaction. Sometimes the direction that the government wishes to pursue may clash with the direction that a key public servant may stand for. But do we have a private sector that can absorb these people? Provide them with working environments that will truly challenge their qualifications and remunerate them accordingly? Like the way Condelezza Rice was able to find a lecturing position at an Ivy Leaguer?

I think not... and the sad part is that persons find themselves unable to provide for their families the lifestyle that they have gotten used to. This creates a battlefield where persons in these key positions find themselves fighting for the government in power because to not do so means not fighting for yourself.

Now, I am not saying that everyone gets kicked out on their asses...I am sure if I talk to enough people I will find people who have functioned at their peaks despite gov't change.

But honestly, what irks me are the people that are graced with authority, position and benefits galore because of their prowess on the campaign trail...and nothing else (this is an entirely different blog).

But the result of all this is a nation that would never go beyond a certain level because of the constant flipping (10 years is not that long in the leadership of a nation). Perpetuating the state of stagnation.

It is like ruining a good steak or a succulent fillet of salmon...leave it...don't poke it...when it is ready to turn it will lift easily and not cling to the grill pan.

But as another friend asked me recently "what would you do as a politician?" And I genuinely could not answer simply because no matter the great ideas that we can boast of...most of us do not have a power hunger to sate

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Education Retardation or Revolution

There are many misconceptions that apply to the Government's policy of revolutionising the education system. Scholarships for students and teachers alike...new school buildings in the exact same colours all over the island...but allow me to pay attention to the 'No child shall be left behind' story.

I am not an educator...I am merely educated and an example of how the grace of God saved me from a system I will never understand.

But it would seem to me that if we are going to be sending every child that writes the Common Entrance exam straight to secondary school...we may as well do away with that process. How about adopting an evaluation-based exam that would assist in determining the reading, math and processing skills of a child? Something that would indicate what areas need to be focused on when that child is automatically placed in a secondary school.

Because, I can assure you that if the system remains the way it was when I was in secondary school (oh lord it is almost 10 years since)...the chances of our nation's children improving basic learning skills and strategies are rather slim. Especially since most of their families cannot afford private schools and after-school tutoring of quality standards.

As I said earlier, I am not certain how I made it through the system but it was not until university that I discovered, on my own, that I was a long-distance runner and not a sprinter like what the system wanted. I preferred to plan(train), write out everything I read (stretch), study(eat healthy nutritious foods) not CRAM (drink loads of coffee and red bull/be tempted to steal notes or a book even/mamaguy your fellow classmates as what topic you swear is coming for the exam/mamaguy yourself into thinking that no sleep is an ok state of existence/come to the exam looking like shit/conduct a postmortem on the paper and cuss out the person you phoned at three in the morning for the notes from Lecture # 5.

When is the new generation going to figure what kind of student they are? Will they ever or will they just hope to beat the system and not even remember what moves they made?

And the other classic feature of the Retardation process...dozens upon dozens of teachers with shit degrees in education...I swear the newspapers made a mint from the congrats to this and that teacher garbed in that horrendous blue robe (I wore it to...so I am damn well entitled to criticise it).

The Government is giving away degree costs and opportunities in a manner that can only be described as atrocious. More money is being spent I swear to buy out the votes of the educators of our country...the cost of teachers therefore increased because they have entered a new salary bracket (which is the reason most of them do the programme anyway) but the quality of education is stagnant. The dichotomy between the improvment on one side and the stillness on the other is petrifying to me.

Where are the specialist teachers...the ones that focus on math...reading...writing...spelling... pronounciation...grammar...general learning skills acquisition. Where are the ones that teach the foreign languges fluently bringing another culture alive...where are the ones that take you on field trips (not because both teacher and student are fed up of the classroom) but the ones that want to instill a sense of national pride and identity in the teaching of our history and social studies.

Rather, we are fostering a people that think it is acceptable to have an empty degree once you are a public servant (because you dare not try that madness in the private sector). If I see another library with ten books and three wooden tables or water tap project in the newspaper again...I will scream.

All these degrees in Education with Administration skills and other inapplicable areas are utter bullocks and blatthery...they make no impression on the system...on the child...they merely drain what we barely have for no return and the sad part is that the creator of the Retardation of the education process and the teachers;
(1) seem not to care
(2) seem to be unaware of the perpuation of ignorance
or my personal conviction
(3) are fervently hoping that no one catches on to the scheme.