Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There's a Brown-e boi in the ring

I heard a BROWN-E BOY running for labour pains this round of elections...but I feel he is being hemorrhaged but it don't seem like he realise he getting it good and hard from behind.

What is his work experience? - nil....the boy has been all academics and no practical elbow grinding for the last ten years of his life. He has not cut his teeth on anything to prove capability. I tell you somebody tell that boi he bright....(Yes, I know he brilliant). But there is a difference between feeling you bright (feeling you capable, able and willing beyond realistic notions) and brilliant (the ability to establish goals and pursue them with excellence and wisdom).

And hear the greatest part of the comedy of errors...the part of the joke where you lose the ability to breathe and your stomach feels like it is hitting your spine...he is running against Eustace.

Please tell me BROWN-E BOY knows that he is being made into a scape goat...I secretly think that he pissed off the Comrade and this is the execution of vengeance of the highest sort. I can't swear for the electorate but knock knock...I think he going to lose...and lose bad. And if his speeches of the referendum are any indication...he going to rude during the process.

Why these young people want to be so damn hungry?...eager to join up the ranks of political misnomers...enroll in the academy of deception of the masses and the delivery of mediocre representation.

Now, I am not saying that he should not involve himself if he feels so led to don the colour of blood. But just suppose they make him a senator to sate the bruised ego...he not going to have a ministry because it seems that sunshine will be running through the veins of Vincentians after the next round of the melee called general elections. So he will still be without substantial work experience.

I heard he once declared that he would be the youngest Prime Minister...but he have to fight the Thusian to see who making which record first...she is on lemon roll, with plenty tanginess

And I think the GG was throwing words at BROWN-E BOY when they were swearing in Ces McKie as Senator this week...he called Ces 'young and bright'. He said people who are young and bright feels like the world is theirs for the taking...the sky is the limit. Is BROWN-E BOY he talking bout...I not stupid. And BROWN-E BOY grinning there with Comrade and the Beauty Queen. At least the Beauty Queen smart...she work her ass off (really though she worked it on) and get something on her resume besides the higher education accolades. So when she emerges from the running of the bulls (aka elections) - she could get a wuk back in a lawyer office.

Anyway, on lighter things...I find myself gaining an appreciation for blood (the real stuff now) ever since the movie 300...I am always looking for a show with a "beautiful death"...like the scenes in Starz "Spartacus:Blood and Sand"...I can only say that they are glorious. Not to mention my yearning for HBO's 'True Blood' Season 3 to start...and oh lala...Showtime's "Dexter".
On a serious note...I think my disillusionment with the scarlet hues of our country's governance is leading to a fascination with the shade in the fantasy world...I think I need therapy...Dr.Phil?

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  1. Yes he will lose.It is a foregone conclusion.I just want to see if he will fare better than Francis did.


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