Saturday, March 27, 2010

The powers that be...

Within the last year, my thoughts on governance have undergone septic shock. I have become warped in my distrust of purported leaders, I see them as merely vying for a championship trophy rather than conducting themselves with the best interests of the team in mind.

Ralph spouted over 5 years ago that he was only running for 2 terms but now he is clearly gearing up for a third. Blame my political naivete and my tendency to accept statements that, on their face, seem genuine. I was looking forward to see the grooming of a successor, the passing on of the mantle of power, the releasing of fresh blood into the political landscape.

My waiting has been but in yearning yet to be sated...I lay restless like an unsatisfied woman.

Rather he has become the Okonkwo of our times...a great man whose hubris will only fuel his self-destruction. He has held onto every government ministry, department, office...made speeches at too many events and frankly many of us are tired of hearing his "rhetoric" as the Vincentian editioral phrased it.

Where is the statesmanship that we saw in Sir James? Even though we know he also did not want to face a terrific defeat in 2001.

Because of this I thought that it would be virtually impossible for the ULP to remain as the dominant political party, despite the shit that the NDP handed out to the people in the name of Parliamentary representation. They served to boost his ego...their absences from the House gave him more time to talk, pontificate and dramatise. But maybe there was method to their madness...sacrifice being the elected official that you are but allow Ralph to metamorphasise into a fascinatingly despicable man. Not to forget their splendid display of guerrilla warfare during the No campaign.

But then this week, I read the account of Patrick Ferrari who claims that he was threatened by Moulton Mayers because of what was supposedly anti-Ralph sentiment on the part of PF. I wasn't there, like most of us, and we are left with a decision as to whether we will accept or shurg off that story. I'll be honest (and here comes my naivete again)...I am tending to believe PF.

But it hits me really hard...Ralph is not the only one fighting to remain. The fact that anyone would DARE threaten the life of another human being in the name of preserving a political leader is mind-boggling. Is this what we have been reduced to? Threats...the flashing of firearms? But then I remember, we have a PM who said he would make SVG inhospitable to persons that have the potential to challenge his political strategies.

Is it a twisted belief that he is still capable of leadership of this nation? Or is it a need, a dependency on the man that demands that they use all and every option to ensure his preservation? The powers that be seem to be floating among us, not always evident to the naked or well-placed eye.

It goes back to my blog on "perpetuating the state of stagnation". Our leaders dish out so many favours and guarantee so many livelihoods, that the maintenance of the status quo means the guarding of a man that can secure this standard of living. Meritocracy remains a pleasant idea.

The sad part is that we, the masses, are the victims. We truly suffer at the hands of men who plead, beg and buy our vote. Representation continues to be an unlearned art and a unfamiliar concept.

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