Saturday, March 20, 2010

And she will yet dear people

I dare make a prediction/prophecy/logical deduction.

Anesia O. Baptiste will yet fall.

Was Baptiste wrong?...yes she was. The regulations exist and she has breached them. This much is true regardless to whether you think the regulations should be done away with or whether she has been handpicked to be the victim of legality.

This has to irk some people...because we have become sopranos with the I-hate-Ralph chorus that anyone and anything that stands against him...we cling to. And the greatest example of that is the NDP.

In their eagerness to display youthful support and rein in as much anti-Constitution Bill 2009 venom, they have latched onto an opportunist...a religious one at that.

Freedom ass.

I warned many around that the girl was just accepting the platform that tolerated her views; but only for the moment in time; that she would soon embark upon her own path of leadership and those that placed her there will be spat upon in the name of her divine yearning for the spotlight. She shut down E G Lynch on his own program.

They blazed the streets of Kingstown a couple Thursdays before and 'rallied' their forces for her. But they reared back at the vision of the tornado that they have been wallowing in for the last several months...they have now seen the Wicked Witch of the West and they are trying to silently retreat. They were shocked by her declarations of divine empowerment, spiritual superiority and feverish seemed not even human, especially with the pinched face of her husband at her side. They seem now to realise the threat she poses to them as well, the uncontrollable virago.

You see Arnhim and his posse came out to support her but had no idea that the Baptiste would use this as yet another platform to catapult her into the favour of the people. Let us keep it real...most of us observed them with disdain before...with au natural image, the long flowing garb and the intense proclamations of being the true followers of the Sabbath.

She must dispel the disquiet within us and weave us into her victimization story, and before we know it she will be spewing the same filth in the best English and genteel manner as she does the ULP.

Telling us how to dress, when to attend the one and true Church where men are separated from the women, how to maintain a neat, coiffed hairdo with only a touch of Church-sanctioned essence a theocracy [].

I know it will never happen but it would seem as if she believes she has the ability to succeed in doing many of our youths and disillusioned adults would fall prey to this religion that claims freedom as its mantle yet remains intolerant of all nay-sayers?

Thank you NDP for launching another element into the politically, socially and culturally misfit society we live in - not for the better but a part of one of the worst periods in Vincentian history, my dear people.


  1. i think u may have pointed out one of the dangers of religious inclusion in politics quite succinctly...

  2. Thats right Epiphany and when the NDP regains power..they will close all the churces in Vincyland and the Thusian institute of Religious intolerance will be the only religion in SVG.

    Anesia Baptiste will be the head of Religious practices in vincyland and any Vincentian who fails to fall in line will be severly punish and put to work in the fields.

    Eventually, Eustace will "retire" and Anesia will become SVG's first female Prime less than a year; SVG would indeed become a Theocracy and Ralph Gonsalves put to death for high treason.

    Ave Anesia, morituri te salutant!

    Thank you for seeing things so clearly; you are indeed an epiphany.

  3. My aim was to speak about the varying realities that exist in daily life.

    We often see the "one-story" and are so blinded by the other side of the coin or should I say the other dimensions of the story.

  4. You speak things of which you have no evidence; all dogmatic claims which cannot be substantiated. The institute is one for religious liberty so it doesn't support a theocracy. Who faulted the SDA church with having Theocratic aims when Lousi Straker became a politician and Deputy Prime Minister? Or who cried against some 'plan' of the RC church to take over SVG when Gonsalves became Prime Minister? Yet because Anesia speaks of her religious convictions, you accuse her of having theocratic aims.This is hypocrisy and contraditcion!

    Why don't you rebuke the ULP for having relations with the THeocracy of Iran, which punishes by death the "crime" of apostacy from thereligion of Islam? Why don't you cry out against the fact that many Iranians have to flee their Country for exile simply because they want to convert to Christianity but such conversion from Iran will bring persecution from the state? They have no religious liberty there, in other words! Never have I heard Anesia advocate this kind of arrangement where governments must pass religious laws to establish one or more religions and enforce them on people by law.

    You cannot bear to see the influence Anesia Baptiste is having on SVG. But your false prophecy will fail for God has already shown through Vincentians that this woman will indeed become the first female prime minister of SVG. Investigation among people shows that many of them voted NO because of the simple explanations she gave of the evils of the constitution bill 2009. THe lady connects with the common man and is not puffed up with pride like many others.

    Whether you like it or not, she will lead this Country in the near future and you and your lying claims will be dumbfounded. You ought to be ashamed of yourself speaking such lies against someone I'm sure you do not know. Lying lips are an abomination unto the Lord and except YOU repent, YOU will fall for your deceit! This prophecy is true and your false prophesying shall reap your destruction if you repent not. YOur lying words are recorded by Holy angels against you and you will reap what you say, except you truly repent!

  5. LOL - it is the 10th day of October, 2010 and I just discovered this last comment. Dear Lord, these people have a fever - words heated delirium - cold compress anyone?

  6. You cannot answer to the exposure, so you mock..but God is not mocked!

  7. Epiphany, speaking one's conviction, religious or otherwise does not equate to Theocracy. It is when ones's conviction dominates the rights of all, and is legislated by law of the country does this occurs. Evey one has rights, religious and otherwise; criticism of people or their ideas-religious, political, historical, scientific, etc., are a very healthy process for individual and societal development. This is how a nation moves forward, how individuals develop, how institutions are born, how truth and ideologies are refined, how freedom and free thinking are sustained. I don't think that any logical and rational person, or any nation that believes in and respect the Democratic process will want to disagree with my articulation. What do you think?


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