Sunday, May 23, 2010


The calamity called the socio-political climate in SVG has again continued to thrive in the most outrageous manner.

I will never try to attempt in my blog to claim to have the whole story and despite my attempts at passionate opines on matters of Vincy life...I must question whether I can be ever truly informed on the issue...or can any one for that matter on any issue.

Our lives are constantly merged with present-day illustrations, futuristic implications and historical resurgences...we cannot separate any of them so as to claim independent original thought. It would seem to me that what we experience is the framing of an idea, concept or incident in a way that captures the minds of others...grabs their attention and seats itself in the corridors of their minds for future reference.

This whole drift about socialism - potential, impossible, subtle, blatant....the list can go on.

The Vincentian editorial this week said that all the debate is causing unnecessary fear in the nation...because we would never relinquish our democratic freedom. But rhetorically we were asked in the same editorial...what really is socialism? Is it the implementation of programmes to better the society and read the article, you should get the idea they were going for.

It was brilliantly coined...can we ever define it? Even those who want to list their names proudly in the ranks of it fully grasped..can it ever be? My understanding is that socialism holds to many theories - one being the unfairness of capitalism and the exploitation of the majority by a minority, therefore it seeks to institute a system of governance that would ensure 'equality' among the people.

Which is flawed in its own estimation...because there will always be hierarchies...rank and file...superior and inferior...well-done and rare...the leaders and the followers.

If one were to ensure that no aspect of socialism existed...we might as well go back to the monarchy and create our own royal dynasties...I have my title already picked out...Empress something.

It is not that I am disregarding the import of the issue...Dr. Jules Ferdinand gave his no to socialism last week...and people may have seen it as blowing the issue out of the water. But there is merit to addressing the point.

In reality even though we know...well I KNOW I can never support the concepts of socialism and would fight valiantly against any attempts to implement such in my nation...should we not reasonably be concerned that our own PM has signed on to a document that clings to such ideals...that the nation playing a key role in the existence of ALBA, Venezuela, has a significant record of human rights violations and a practice of nationalising at their own seeming whim and fancy. What impact is this going to play in the mind of Dr. Gonsalves? Even if he is not going to be successful in instituting it...he may not even intend to - But are we not justified in asking a question as to the impact of such a clause in documents we have signed onto?

I once read that no political theory has ever been perfected - we have never given them the chance...capitalism has ruined pure democracy, ironically so because that freedom of choice is the fuel behind that economic system...socialism and communism were battered equally by capitalism, monarchism and hubris within themselves.

And the reality is that we have a people that are dependent on the 'socialist' elements within our society for mere existence...which is why the welfare department is jam packed on a monthly basis...and NIS is a saving grace for others. Yes, these are socialist elements....programmes instituted by the government to ensure the betterment of society. The same way Barbados has been funding the education of their students all the way to University for decades and Trinidad and Tobago introduced the GATE project several years ago to provide education up to your Masters...government did that...not a private entity.

I have never had reason to go into any of the learning resource centres around the country...but if there was a private company doing that...we would have to pay an entry fee...a user fee and there may be an exit price.

I don't get...they call us third world countries because of underdevelopment (ignoring their ravishing of our limited resources and the oppression and stranding of an entire people)...but by God's grace look at what the first and second world countries have fucked up...USA has fostered a culture that finds it acceptable to live above their means because one credit card or four will tide you through...Obama got heat because he wanted a piece of legislation that would ensure the provision of health care for most Americans...his visionary way of maintaining America's economic dominance in the world...and he was called socialist for it...because he was taking business from the private sector...if that was not an excellent example of the callousness of capitalism...I don't know what would be.

Look people...all around us are examples of what has worked and what has not...learn from it. Not just government...but we ourselves. Like the same lessons we have failed to learn from America's obesity problems..spinning into diabetes, kidney and heart failure and people who frankly cannot fit into one seat in a plane...that is why Pizza Hut, Subway, Church's are coming our way...we have not learned.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random idleness

For the last few days the most utter shit has been running through my head and there is this incessant urge to blog about the arbitrary thoughts that are sprinting a lap in my brain...sometimes overwhelming rational thought:

Here's a list of what I can recall:

1. My period is due....and I am craving chocolate and sex.

2. Men are all whores...some are just controlled whores.

3. Posting my resume online because I want a new job.

4. I broke down in the bathroom of my office today and sobbed uncontrollably because my boss decided to act like a jackass...oh and I was PMSing. Obviously related to (3).

5.What has happened when your laptop screen goes white?

6. In all fairness to (2)...All women are sex freaks...some have just not been released as yet and never will be.

7. I think my guy friends jokes are utterly hilarious...and I am over the fact that I am the only female laughing at them.

8. I miss my best friend in Trinidad so much.

9. How to become very financially comfortable quickly and honestly?

10. I am tired of explaining to people why I am childfree and single at age 27 and absolutely comfortable with it. I am now planning to get married and divorced so the topic of relationships will become taboo around me.

11. All these years Karib Cable was illegally tapping US cable....we now have Spanish shows and ads...joyous.

12. I heard a whisper that a friend is getting married to an completely useless excuse for a man...who has no job but walks around blinging...which is long code for drug dealer. And I am silently hoping that I go to his funeral first before I go to hers.

13. I want to organise a flash mob in Bomani's song ..."This Island" around Independence this year.

14. I am due to get my BB in less than a month and I am afraid I would not be able to figure out all the apps.

15. Who are these people leaving Chinese comments on my blog? I haven't ordered the Rosetta Stone - Mandarin edition yet people
And the well runs dry.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Secure me

Well, about early last week, I heard a floating story about SVG being put up to the Security Council of the United Nations. At the time, my cynicism on governance kicked in and tried to compete with the nationalistic side of me. Was Labour doing this for another peg in the hole for elections or was some manipulative power putting us up to support their own cause? But then again, why not...why should we be excluded from such realms?

And then tonight the grand entrance of the matter from the level of talk radio to legitimate media...Eustace criticises the lack of publicity on the issue and these are the pointers that struck me with the release from Sir Louie:

* we have been encouraged to go up...
* and it has been years since a Caricom nation was elected onto the Council...
* and why not go up...even if it means jumping the line.

Let us start with the last one....that is asking for a beat down...a licking...if you want to jump the line, you should be bigger than the people in front for defensive purposes. Especially, if the other people standing there for a while and there is a senior citizens line...geeshh. I have given my mouthful to people who have attempted to jump in front of me in a line...I am never impressed. Unless, they ask kindly and plead their a lady who looked like she was about to release the contents of her womb (it was so big, it could not only be babies in there...maybe a car seat as well).

Columbia was supposedly the nation that got CARICOM's nod...what happen? we were not at that meeting? or maybe SVG did not get the memo. Or maybe it was one of those cocktail agreements made over snifters and cigars.

Either way, I want to know how we jumping in front of. But, really now I know why Ralphie takes up all the talk...if that is the best logic that the people can get from a knighted man who is our Minister of Foreign Affairs.

When last a CARICOM nation sat on the Council is frankly unimportant...after the Europeans raped our wombs and oppressed a entire people...military security in the Caribbean has been relegated imposing immigration laws and the invasion of drugs and guns...that's it.

Grenada had some action in the 1970's to 1980's and 'merica swarmed in to restore control and democracy by occupation by force. Trinidad had a coup with al Muslimeen in 1990 for all of six days...and the man behind it all still walking free today.

That is it people....oh yeah...Union Island wanted to join up with Grenada in the 1970's...that about wraps it up. Security in CARICOM and all the wealth of experience that comes with it. My view is what can we contribute...tangibly...or shall we be a mere nodding to the bidding of another?

Oh wait, the whispers say China wants us on board...remember Tawian is not recognised by the that means dumping them if China backs us. Plus, China is a permanent member and they probably want to secure their votes by encouraging us to get on board. I guess they will take over the runway for Argyle...because the Taiwanese supposed to be giving us this.
You know what I want...better and more affordable technology...Asia is the hottest market for all things tech and people can't afford to buy shit in the country itself. Why these people only giving to charities and making new fruits and vegetables? No disrespect.

To round sounds nice but a part of me thinks this falls into the look-what-we-did the resource centre that has taken ages in a neighbouring community.

I want to feel secure my own nation. I want to hear that police stations have a vehicle to come rescue me if I see a naked man running behind my house...and hear that the coast guard has boats to guard our shores...and hear that there is a safe house for battered women that does not have a publicised address...and hear that there is a registered sex offender's list in SVG...I want to walk the road and know that even if there is a man admiring my ass...I don't need to hear about what he wants to do to me in brokenly graphic English.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Speeches of truth - the path to civilisation

Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers - TennysonJustify Full
I am beginning to understand why Solomon asked God for wisdom and not riches or power, even though they followed soon after.

I was having a conversation with a group of persons sometime ago and we were struck down the middle on the issue of whether age brings wisdom. No one among us was above 50, so youth was a relatively recent experience shared by all. Yet some adamantly stated that youths should be seeking to groom themselves for leadership positions rather than attempting to assert what they considered a premature entry into the realms of authority. Of course, Anesia, Luke, and Michelle were the names that popped out silently.

Meanwhile, there were others, like me, who didn't automatically think that age brought maturity.

Some of the fuck-ups called policy decisions and social programmes that have been effected in this great nation of ours since 1979 Independence has not given much to the concept of nation building - and most of those were instituted by people seen to hold great wisdom.

But then, maybe we wrongfully assume that leaders should be imbued with wisdom upon the ascension to those the hallowed halls of governance and our bubble walls of support resonate with shock when we realise the truth - they are self-seeking, legacy searching individuals, whose contribution to the lifting of society is second to the preservation of their livelihood.

On the other side, there have been changes of significance, of benefit - true social edification - effected by mature men of wisdom.

However, I wonder if we will ever see youth leadership being fostered in its truest form, rather than looking for a mini-me...the placement of a younger face to an old cause. It seems that the youth leaders that we have today must satisfy the minds of the mature in order to be given a platform to speak on.

So then I ask is there independent thought? - when to have a voice that is heard, we must train our vocals to sing their notes. It is easy to have a voice, a perspective and a view that is of merit...but who will listen and how would they chose to listen. Our people have been groomed to listen only within a certain context - and to hear selectively.

The few times that independent voices have emerged from within our society - we gear ourselves to align them one way or the other.

Groups like the PMC baffle the norm...throw away the regulatory line drawing. I will say in my happily naive state, I take the PMC at face value...a group of individuals intent on enlightenment of the people on national issues in a civil forum. (no, they did not pay me). But like most Vincentians, I have never attended an event or discussion hosted by them...I can only commend efforts not execution.

I can't bash anyone for supporting any know the whole prerogative idea. But where are the independent forums?...the open communities where people can reside in safely with the knowledge that they will be respected, encouraged and disagreed with in a humane manner?

Perhaps my plea comes more from within myself - I seek for wisdom...
I am under 30, female, career-oriented, passionate for free speech on socio-political issues and I associate with people regardless of political affiliations, yet I anonymously blog on my opines of life - presently content to remain shielded by a vaguely similar profile pic and ambiguous but truthful statements.

"wisdom is not finally tested by the schools, wisdom cannot be pass'd from one having it to another not having it. Wisdom is of the soul, is not susceptible of proof, is its own proof." -Walt Whitman