Monday, May 3, 2010

Secure me

Well, about early last week, I heard a floating story about SVG being put up to the Security Council of the United Nations. At the time, my cynicism on governance kicked in and tried to compete with the nationalistic side of me. Was Labour doing this for another peg in the hole for elections or was some manipulative power putting us up to support their own cause? But then again, why not...why should we be excluded from such realms?

And then tonight the grand entrance of the matter from the level of talk radio to legitimate media...Eustace criticises the lack of publicity on the issue and these are the pointers that struck me with the release from Sir Louie:

* we have been encouraged to go up...
* and it has been years since a Caricom nation was elected onto the Council...
* and why not go up...even if it means jumping the line.

Let us start with the last one....that is asking for a beat down...a licking...if you want to jump the line, you should be bigger than the people in front for defensive purposes. Especially, if the other people standing there for a while and there is a senior citizens line...geeshh. I have given my mouthful to people who have attempted to jump in front of me in a line...I am never impressed. Unless, they ask kindly and plead their a lady who looked like she was about to release the contents of her womb (it was so big, it could not only be babies in there...maybe a car seat as well).

Columbia was supposedly the nation that got CARICOM's nod...what happen? we were not at that meeting? or maybe SVG did not get the memo. Or maybe it was one of those cocktail agreements made over snifters and cigars.

Either way, I want to know how we jumping in front of. But, really now I know why Ralphie takes up all the talk...if that is the best logic that the people can get from a knighted man who is our Minister of Foreign Affairs.

When last a CARICOM nation sat on the Council is frankly unimportant...after the Europeans raped our wombs and oppressed a entire people...military security in the Caribbean has been relegated imposing immigration laws and the invasion of drugs and guns...that's it.

Grenada had some action in the 1970's to 1980's and 'merica swarmed in to restore control and democracy by occupation by force. Trinidad had a coup with al Muslimeen in 1990 for all of six days...and the man behind it all still walking free today.

That is it people....oh yeah...Union Island wanted to join up with Grenada in the 1970's...that about wraps it up. Security in CARICOM and all the wealth of experience that comes with it. My view is what can we contribute...tangibly...or shall we be a mere nodding to the bidding of another?

Oh wait, the whispers say China wants us on board...remember Tawian is not recognised by the that means dumping them if China backs us. Plus, China is a permanent member and they probably want to secure their votes by encouraging us to get on board. I guess they will take over the runway for Argyle...because the Taiwanese supposed to be giving us this.
You know what I want...better and more affordable technology...Asia is the hottest market for all things tech and people can't afford to buy shit in the country itself. Why these people only giving to charities and making new fruits and vegetables? No disrespect.

To round sounds nice but a part of me thinks this falls into the look-what-we-did the resource centre that has taken ages in a neighbouring community.

I want to feel secure my own nation. I want to hear that police stations have a vehicle to come rescue me if I see a naked man running behind my house...and hear that the coast guard has boats to guard our shores...and hear that there is a safe house for battered women that does not have a publicised address...and hear that there is a registered sex offender's list in SVG...I want to walk the road and know that even if there is a man admiring my ass...I don't need to hear about what he wants to do to me in brokenly graphic English.



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