Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random idleness

For the last few days the most utter shit has been running through my head and there is this incessant urge to blog about the arbitrary thoughts that are sprinting a lap in my brain...sometimes overwhelming rational thought:

Here's a list of what I can recall:

1. My period is due....and I am craving chocolate and sex.

2. Men are all whores...some are just controlled whores.

3. Posting my resume online because I want a new job.

4. I broke down in the bathroom of my office today and sobbed uncontrollably because my boss decided to act like a jackass...oh and I was PMSing. Obviously related to (3).

5.What has happened when your laptop screen goes white?

6. In all fairness to (2)...All women are sex freaks...some have just not been released as yet and never will be.

7. I think my guy friends jokes are utterly hilarious...and I am over the fact that I am the only female laughing at them.

8. I miss my best friend in Trinidad so much.

9. How to become very financially comfortable quickly and honestly?

10. I am tired of explaining to people why I am childfree and single at age 27 and absolutely comfortable with it. I am now planning to get married and divorced so the topic of relationships will become taboo around me.

11. All these years Karib Cable was illegally tapping US cable....we now have Spanish shows and ads...joyous.

12. I heard a whisper that a friend is getting married to an completely useless excuse for a man...who has no job but walks around blinging...which is long code for drug dealer. And I am silently hoping that I go to his funeral first before I go to hers.

13. I want to organise a flash mob in Bomani's song ..."This Island" around Independence this year.

14. I am due to get my BB in less than a month and I am afraid I would not be able to figure out all the apps.

15. Who are these people leaving Chinese comments on my blog? I haven't ordered the Rosetta Stone - Mandarin edition yet people
And the well runs dry.


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