Saturday, May 1, 2010

Speeches of truth - the path to civilisation

Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers - TennysonJustify Full
I am beginning to understand why Solomon asked God for wisdom and not riches or power, even though they followed soon after.

I was having a conversation with a group of persons sometime ago and we were struck down the middle on the issue of whether age brings wisdom. No one among us was above 50, so youth was a relatively recent experience shared by all. Yet some adamantly stated that youths should be seeking to groom themselves for leadership positions rather than attempting to assert what they considered a premature entry into the realms of authority. Of course, Anesia, Luke, and Michelle were the names that popped out silently.

Meanwhile, there were others, like me, who didn't automatically think that age brought maturity.

Some of the fuck-ups called policy decisions and social programmes that have been effected in this great nation of ours since 1979 Independence has not given much to the concept of nation building - and most of those were instituted by people seen to hold great wisdom.

But then, maybe we wrongfully assume that leaders should be imbued with wisdom upon the ascension to those the hallowed halls of governance and our bubble walls of support resonate with shock when we realise the truth - they are self-seeking, legacy searching individuals, whose contribution to the lifting of society is second to the preservation of their livelihood.

On the other side, there have been changes of significance, of benefit - true social edification - effected by mature men of wisdom.

However, I wonder if we will ever see youth leadership being fostered in its truest form, rather than looking for a mini-me...the placement of a younger face to an old cause. It seems that the youth leaders that we have today must satisfy the minds of the mature in order to be given a platform to speak on.

So then I ask is there independent thought? - when to have a voice that is heard, we must train our vocals to sing their notes. It is easy to have a voice, a perspective and a view that is of merit...but who will listen and how would they chose to listen. Our people have been groomed to listen only within a certain context - and to hear selectively.

The few times that independent voices have emerged from within our society - we gear ourselves to align them one way or the other.

Groups like the PMC baffle the norm...throw away the regulatory line drawing. I will say in my happily naive state, I take the PMC at face value...a group of individuals intent on enlightenment of the people on national issues in a civil forum. (no, they did not pay me). But like most Vincentians, I have never attended an event or discussion hosted by them...I can only commend efforts not execution.

I can't bash anyone for supporting any know the whole prerogative idea. But where are the independent forums?...the open communities where people can reside in safely with the knowledge that they will be respected, encouraged and disagreed with in a humane manner?

Perhaps my plea comes more from within myself - I seek for wisdom...
I am under 30, female, career-oriented, passionate for free speech on socio-political issues and I associate with people regardless of political affiliations, yet I anonymously blog on my opines of life - presently content to remain shielded by a vaguely similar profile pic and ambiguous but truthful statements.

"wisdom is not finally tested by the schools, wisdom cannot be pass'd from one having it to another not having it. Wisdom is of the soul, is not susceptible of proof, is its own proof." -Walt Whitman

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  1. I am becoming a fan of your writings...this is a very very nice blog.

    Truth be told wisdom is an overrated matter how best your intentions will make some phucked up decisions; to err is to be human. You speak of Solomon, I think Solomon was a dumbarse, c'mon split the baby into two?

    As for our young leaders making the right choice;its hard to get rid of old habits..and so its very difficult for the luke Anesia and Fife of this world to make political progress on their own.I was hoping that Jomo would have used his organisation and grab these young guns and put them under his umbrella...Imagine a third party with a Anesia, Luke, Yvenette,Michelle, Epiphany?; along with some other bright young minds...challenging Eustace and Ralph.This is the revolution that we need in Vincyland.

    This election will be an interesting one...we will see if the people of Vincyland are ready to give the young people a chance...Eustace Vs luke Brown shoud be a good indicator.


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