Monday, November 8, 2010

Dream on

I am a couple years away from 30 and I have found myself settling into a routine that is comfortable but pulsing in my sub-conscious (with occasional thrusts forward) is that desire for thrill -because like many persons, my life is spent doing what I love but sometimes don't like.

I recently created a list in my mind of the things I want to do - maybe perfect them or just try once. Some are feasible, while others border on shaky ground. Most are possible and a couple may cause a questioning of my sanity.

So rather than wait until I am approaching 60 and creating a bucket list of regrets, I thought I would dub this "the list of the evolving me".

1. Bungee jumping.
2. Learn how to play the classical violin/cello/piano.
3. Write a novel.
4. Play mas in Brazilian Carnival, with just body paint.
5. Backpack through Europe.
6. Ride a Harley-Davidson across the US.
7. Meet Oprah Winfrey.
8. Go to the Amirita Spa in Canouan and soak in a hot tub - facing only the ocean.
9. Eat sushi in Toyko - low couches, sake, chopsticks, wasabi, soy sauce all of it.
10. Visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
11. Live in Greece for an entire year ((preferably while doing 3).
12. Own a wardrobe of Michael Kors clothing only.
13. Dive on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
14. Surf in Chile (but I have to learn how first).
15. Host a social commentary interactive programme in SVG.
16. Visit every jazz festival in the Caribbean.
17. Create a regional organ donor programme.
18. Reach a place of spiritual fulfillment.
19. Design and own my dream home.
20. Host bi-monthly dinner parties for friends and family.
21. Have a mural wall by my fave Vincy artist, of course in the dream home.
22. Own and manage my consultancy firm.
23. Retire before 50.
24. Learn to belly dance.
25. Experience genuine, intimate love with a beautiful man - however brief or long.

I know I am missing some stuff but this is my way of reminding myself and hopefully you to continue dreaming - never fails to be a fun experience.


  1. GO BRAVE! The world is your oyster.

  2. Okay I say go for no 8 before year end.Australia is one of my dream spots but first I have to survive the looooong flight.I think by time I get off my poor feet will be even more swollen.


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