Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I received a message from a colleague of mine, asking for a boycott of Trinidadian products since the PM of Trinidad and Tobago has stated that any assistance offered to CARICOM must involve benefits to Trinis. I would honestly say that I am not surprised. Persaud-Bissesar is the product of circumstance rather than experienced merit.

So before I began a Kingstown Tea Party, I had check out the media coverage of the comment - first to ensure that it was even made and second to comprehend the context in which it was made.

[check out the Trinidadian Express and the Guardian newspapers].

So, she made the statement. But Rowley, the Opposition Leader is faulty for refusing to participate in discussions relating to determining what aid should be given to CARICOM. The basis of his refusal is that the condition attached to the yet-to-be determined aid is "backward", "colonial" and basically an attempt to thwart any relationship favoured by his party - formerly led by Patrick Manning.

I was saddened by her words - the second such statement by her within recent times but I am in two minds or should I say seeing both sides of the coin.

The reality is any diplomatic offering, whether it be humanitarian aid, regional investment or otherwise always comes with strings attached, whether it comes from a developed country or developing nation. Maybe Kamala has simply not realised that such declarations are better not made in the public forum, limited only to confidential discourse among regional peers. After all her rise to leadership involved a battle within her own party and nation, the lack of interaction among CARICOM leaders now showing face.

The other aspect of this is the callousness of the statement. How dare she rank the desire to ensure the benefit of her nationals in the same category of the families, villages and communities that have been ravaged by Tomas? Has she seen or was she even cognizant of the dire needs not trivial wants of St. Lucia, Barbados and our very own Hairouna? I spoke to a close Trinidadian friend of mine and she had seen pictures that I had not even seen of my own country and that was on Monday.

As I sit here, uncertain if my internet connection would even allow this to be posted, our own PM must be applauded for his response to the comments - stating that he does not respond to comments made by PMs that are communicated to him via the media. I wish we could see that level of reasonable logic from him and others on a consistent basis.

I wonder what were the conditions that Haiti (earthquake 2010), Grenada (Ivan 2005), or South-east Asia(tsunami 2004) had to agree to so as to ensure that food, water, tents, medical aid, and clothing could be received. Indonesia is currently experiencing a volcanic eruptions - what will they have to promise to get masks to prevent inhalation of ash and smoke?

I am tempted to blog on the possible effects of this Hurricane on the political landscape but I shall refrain while I pray and do my best to bring our nation back on its feet.


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  2. Ephiphany, I am at a loss as to how you could be in two minds on this issue;but to each his/her own.

    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar comments were an insult to Vincentians and the Region.Her comments were borderline insular if not fully; and deserves the highest condemnation.

    Having said that; I do not believe the situation warrants a boycott of Trinidadian products; dotish words do not require dotish actions.

    I agree with you that Prime Minister Gonsalves handled this situation quite well.Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the NDP and their surrogates. I think NDP lost incredible political milage among undecided voters,on this particular issue. An issue that should have been put above the partisan local politics and handled in the framework of National pride;instead was used to ridicule Prime Minister Gonsalves, it was a politically dumbarse move of which Sarah Palin and the Teaparty would be justly proud.

    I think Eustace missed an oppurtunity to show the people of SVG that he is ready to be their next leader and should have stepped up and condemned the comments of Kamla Persad-Bissessar and denounce the NDP surrogates like Junior Bacchus et al, asinine comments on the this issue. NDP played right into the hands of Ralph and may very well come to regret it on Election day. This election is on a platter for the NDP but they could overly and needlessly contrive to-to borrow a cliche-snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Epiphany, have you done some remodeling of your blog? mm...I actually liked the previous "green" was vibrant and bold...these news colors are..for lack of a better word...and not to hurt your "girly"

    Anyway, unlike your new interior decorator..your writings are always of exquisite taste...great blog.

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  3. The redecorating is the result of experimenting - now I am trying to figure out how to get back my past vibrancy - I miss it too.


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