Sunday, October 10, 2010

March 20th 2010 - read it

March 20th, 2010 I wrote a blog about the whole Anesia Baptiste position - I just discovered the last comment - read it. It completely justifies my perspective on these people. Religious fervour at its best and hilarious too. Apparently, I will fail and fall and all other horrible things for speaking out against the prophecies that Anesia will become the first female PM.

Maybe I should be worried because I am not certain as to how far their passion will carry them but I am cracking up in my porch. These people are outrageous - if you are going to battle me with words - come good baby. I got a dictionary and an appreciation for Shakespeare. I got a sermon - all that was missing was the Scripture but of course there is no Biblical foundation for their energy apart from carefully selected verses and their ordained interpretation thereof.

By the way for the Thusians reading this, I respect that you have a firm belief in God but I do not appreciate your disdain for other beliefs. I may not be the holiest person out there and God knows I fall short many a time but I do believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit so say what you have to say - Isaiah 54:17 - "No weapon formed against me shall prosper" despite my non-traditional ways of self-expression.

This bitch is out....Peace and freedom y'll.


  1. Ahh stop the bitchin; religious dogma never hurt anyone...This kool aid taste funny...

  2. what did I miss? the thusians attacked you?

  3. Have you ever spoken to a thusian, let alone sat down and asked for an explanation of what they believe? because I find what you say to be so contradictory of what these people teach and I know because I have spoken to them.

    It is clear you are merely biased. I went and read the response to you and I don't see lack of biblical foundation etc. Did you check for the examples the writer referred to?
    I think people like you are wasting time because your views are so biased it is unappealing to those who sincerely want to know whats going on. I can't bother with such biased nonsense under the garbs of so called intellectual discussions.

    And by the way, it doesn't seem that Anesia is falling to me at all..she is now Senator for the opposition. Soon she will emerge a leader as far as I am concerned cause the PM done put her through nuff wilderness experience and according to him, leaders emerge from such. I hope he can bear the reality when it comes. As for you, it will prove you were a false prophet...wouldn't it now?

  4. Dear Anon. Thusian (because I assume that you are),

    I am not a prophet nor do I aspire to be one, merely a non-egotistical 'opinionist' that could be right or wrong. Either way I feel justified in saying what and how I feel and think now, even if I am proven wrong later.


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