Thursday, June 10, 2010


(1) part of a traditonal lullaby which promises rewards for silence of a crying child

(2) an apology in Jamaican parlance

Issues that once thrived valiantly on the airwaves, print media and tongues of many now struggle to remain within our realm of consciousness for too long. And I realise that silence is the tool used by the powers that be or concerned parties to dismiss the furor and allow it to die a quiet death.

Like the dunce question...where did that go to? Personally, I found it was appalling that the education of young minds would be tampered with in such a blatant manner and especially since several months have passed since the exam was actually written. I didn't blog about it because the issue was being dealt with by everyone from Anesia to Chris and the ones in between...
The resolution of this issue was relegated to a statement by the Ministry of Education that they don't deal with those problems on a public level but rather leave it to be addressed internally...HUSH.

What about the business that is not a bar and will only sell alcoholic drinks after 6 pm in the school district area? It has not failed to amaze me that the authorities have no problem granting necessary permission to run a business that is not a bar and will only sell alcoholic drinks after 6 pm in that area but yet seem paralysed to make into a school zone...demanding the turning down of music on mini vans, driving with some measure of awareness as to lives that are at stake there, prohibition of the alarming horns and the placement of patrol officers in the area during peak hours... to ensure that another child is not dragged for several meters again... What care and concern we have for our nation's future.

The whole talk about not selling alcohol before 6 pm was and shall remain a figment of imagination in the minds of any right thinking person. Can you imagine a conductor swinging off a bus in a casual yet flamboyant manner, running into the business place with his sneakers that match his cap which match the shades, shirt etc, and demanding two guiness for himself and the driver...and the owner saying...nah man is only 4:45 p.m.....BS if I ever heard it. HUSH

Constitutional Reform ...frozen in liquid nitrogen on 25/11/09 ) H
Argyle International Airport ) U
Breaking in ULP headquarters ) S
The Canadian attorney that was allegedly ravished by the PM ) H

So much more than I can recount....but it is all in passing...all a deja vu experience...1999-2000 all over...where the Opposition was plied with the pleas of the people...calling, crying yearning for much we needed it...wanted it...were willing to do anything to get it...and get it we did....till we created a monstrosity called the present government.

And we are doing it again...failing to learn from our ways...we have not done anything to uplift ourselves and persistently seek the engines of others to propel us on. We are glorifying the underdogs...the to them our unrequited love and adoration.

Unaware of the fact that democracy is not only the ability to remove and the ability to put in place but the power the demand the standards at which our leaders should function at, the power to demand that we be led not danced down a stony path to socialism (which ever version that Ralphie adhers to, since it is not the ones in Cuba and Venezuela).

So we spew out our troubles as they cross our path and we chant along with the sorrows of others until we get the newest mourning call...HUSH

And we move on leaving in our shadows real persons with real problems with no solution...HUSH

But we have done our bit...hyped up in the heat of the battle, pursued in the moment in time...for our own cause...and then we fall silent. HUSH.

We blame it all on the present and lean on the promises of the desirous...HUSH

Hush little baby don't say a word...Poppa's gonna buy you a mockingbird


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