Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stride on

Finally, I am back on the blogging train.

The death of my four year lap top and the quest for a new electronic investment took a while; but at long last the keyboard is all mine to putter away at in an attempt to express myself at my own pace or maybe not at all.

So as a re-introduction to the cyber world of social commentary, I take this opportunity to capture my brief time of using this forum as a means critiquing our world and in essence, analyzing ourselves. A couple of my fave blogs have taken hiatus from individual blogs with their own personal reasons - justified I hope and not based on intrusive apathy at the issues that we face every day. I admit to having experienced the apathy-the niggling acceptance of the status quo and the shrugging away of the feeling that I should be comfortable speaking my mind.

As an avid reader and an appreciator of the perspectives of others, I can honestly say that blogging has been a refreshing means of indulging myself after a day of hard labour at a varnished desk in Kingstown.

The beauty of publication at any hour - the only deadline being the satisfaction of your inspired moment. The ability to flaunt the art of the English language is its full scope n nt in shrtend abbreviations and shortcut phrases.

The truth is - is that I think we are capable of so much more than the typical - the expected. Like Herbert Samuel, the Vincentian engineer that has entered the GE Ecoimagination Challenge -using the addictive phenomena of social networking for something holistically positive - monitor your electricity usage by entering simple info from your bills and then networking with other persons around the world. I will blog about my actual use of the programme, especially since I have a dislike of social networking.

This is an excellent example of just going beyond usual expectations of engineering or anything for that matter. Widening the scope of our understanding of what we can accomplish if we just open our minds and our hearts to support each other in the journey to create a better global existence.


  1. I hope I am one of your favorites:)Trying to revive my site especially as the health issues slowly going(knock wood)

  2. Of course you are one of my favourites, sometimes you steal the thought processes out of my head and I realise that my perspective is shared - which makes me think 'hey, if only wanna be leaders could be so reasonably minded'


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