Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If you experience any of the following sympthoms...

For the people that have tried to put any chemical concoction in their hair or on their body...hopefully they would have read the sheet of paper usually has a paragraph about testing a sample on your forearm so as to ensure that there are no adverse allergic reactions to the product.

The Goebbels of the NDP aka E. G. Lnych thinks that we Vincentians should try out Eustace as a leader since Ralph is running the country to the ground - so say he, our local propaganda god. "Give him a try, nah,...see what he could do".

What the bloody hell, since when is leadership a trial run...the nation a guinea pig or an allergy test? I must have missed the rule that says pathetic comparison is the path to undertake...after all, meritocracy is a waste of time.

When are people going to stop creating tables of contrast and actually state what they are capable of doing for the country? Honestly, I may be naive and I seriously want to be educated on this...but what the hell does Arnhim Eustace do to earn a living? I heard he is a qualified economist and he comes from a strong educational background (J.P. Eustace and all that)...but what can he actually do to improve Saint Vincent and the Grenadines...what does he bring to the table per say?

We all know that half of the lawyers in SVG are wanna be politicians...the social awe and distaste that people hold them in propels them into the arena easily...you know - the Baptiste of Culture, the Phd with the big yellow building (that I think completely breaches building codes), the Friday from Northern Grenadines and of course Big Papa Ralph and most of them hold fast to some political entity.

But, at least we know they could talk...they could represent the interests of the nation on a local, regional and international level...have you really listened to the oratory skills of the PM...like him or not. Arnhim, no disrespect, always sounds as if he is about to lose his voice but I think it is his dentures threatening to fall out.

Let us be frank, Ivan has decent ideas but we are but subject to our fickle human nature - the man speaks like something is not connecting right in his cranium. Nuff said.

And apart from certain uncertain lists of candiates, it seems as if PPM not sure if they will remain a social entity with political interests or a political party with social interests.

And we are left with what...the tiring puppet master with his box of ventriloquist dummies, the balding individual who loves to host his own Parliament with his battalion of Judases-in-waiting, the gaunt two-man side show and the revolutionary gentleman who will introduce dashikis as Parliamentary garb and maybe bring about repatriation.

What a tangled web we weave.

In conclusion, if the redness, itching or swelling continues or grows worse over a period of twenty four hours, please seek immediate medical attention.



  1. Girl you too wicked with your words:)

  2. You have outdone yourself. A BRILLIANT post, lol. True and hilarious.

    (And yeah, that big yellow building MUST be violating at least a few codes. Can it really be that close to the street?)


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