Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yes, we must

Why the mandatory nature of the sign of the building formerly known as "Bottlers".

Ironic, that that building should be chosen as a promotional mechanism as attempts are being made to 'bottle' us into making a decision where too many of us are ignorant of the comprehensive ramifications of that 'choice'.

I question whether we are capable of making a choice...even my own personal ability. Do I seek to make my own mental calculations or do I body-surf on the opinions and views of others? I am constantly asking myself...what will I do on the 25th of November 2009?

And I fear that on the morning in question I may lay in my bed and ask that question...go to work contemplating whether to join the line in my polling district...maybe ponder the throbbing desire to execute my civic duty during lunch...and possibly return to my home still uncertain - never to see the ballot paper...never to play a role on an outcome that is too vital to our lives as Vincentians.

And who is to blame for this indecisiveness? A trait that is foreign to my nature, a bitter element that seems to override my usual knowledge of what I want in life.

I blame myself for not undertaking to educate myself on the issues at hand and sharing that knowledge with others...not with the aim of conforming their thoughts but offering insight so that they too may cultivate an understanding to counter the ignorance.

I blame my leaders, both in Government and Opposition who seek to satisfy their internal gnawing desire for national dominance and superiority over each other by misinforming the public and failing to offer a balanced education.

I blame the people of the nation of SVG...who sit idly by; fascinatingly watching our leaders wreck our country...our only participation being the play-by-play commentary of the goings-on.

We have failed ourselves...yet we are blind to the self-destructive path that we are slowly rolling upon - do you think we will notice when the speed picks up towards a catastrophic series of unfortunate incidents that may rent our nation into pieces...pieces that may be found and restored to former glory or lost forever?

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