Monday, September 21, 2009

The failure of a people

It is unbelievable but it has happened again...the people of SVG have been failed by our so-called leaders.

The NDP has decided not to participate in the round-table discussion on the Constitution Bill 2009 being hosted as I type this note. My disappointment can be contained, which is sad because it seems as I have adopted an apathetic perspective to the chances of a positive discussion among our leaders.

Even if they have decided not to acknowledge the position of Mr. P.R. Campbell, QC as Chairman of the CRSC and a member of the "Yes" vote committee - at least they could have risen above the petty nature of that issue to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to be a part of the discourse. It would have enabled them to communicate their perspectives on the Constitution Bill to an audience within and beyond our geographical borders and into the diaspora.

Rather, they insist on wallowing in their pathetic claims of "not recognizing the invitation of the Chairman of the CRSC" - NDP YOU HAVE FAILED SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES. But can we expect anything different, can anyone recall the ridiculous reasons why they refused to nominate someone to the Drafting Committee?
They insist on maintaining a partisan environment - a rift between the colours...well done in your attempt to fail the people...because surely the NDP has not acted for the betterment of the nation, their party....indeed, they have failed themselves.

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