Saturday, September 26, 2009

An angry nation

We are a nation that is on the verge of social catastrophe...we are an angry nation.

There are too many incidents of violence among us and there seems to be no limitation or categorisation of the victims and the perpetrators(who are victims themselves.)

We have left the issues dear to our hearts and minds to the gossip hour with neighbours and co-workers. We fail to attempt to resolve issues in a reasonable manner and the theme song is "But they/he/she should know that is how I feel".

How can expect to develop stronger social skills and see personal growth if we assume that everyone is a mind reader...that somehow there is an ability to grasp the perspective of another when silence is the communication mechanism of the day.

There are people who are storing pent-up frustration, add to that national leadership bent on destruction and the absence of a sense of purpose. One little incident can cause us to lash out...spewing obscenties and verbal venom aimed at maiming those around us.

And maim we do...and those injured turn around to injure others. So our Assizes are chock full of murder charges, a local newspaper seeks to propogate commess in the name of journalism and we gleefully listen to the stories of persons wholly unknown to us and cackle at their demise - knowing in the back of our minds that the spin of the bottle shall select us eventually - but we temporarily fool ourselves into believing "that will never be me."

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  1. Too angry a nation and paying too high a price. Looking at the murder accused for the upcoming assizes sent shivers through me.


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