Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The need to deceive

There is a seeming need to deceive that is consuming our national leaders.

Why was there a paid advertisement in one of our local newspapers this past Friday...to be exact page 23 of the Searchlight Newspaper...which sought to summarise the "no" and "yes" questions.
I say they sought but really the intention was to misinform, misdirect, and misrepresent the true content of the Constitution.

They sought to appeal to the emotive element of our human nature...a base reaction and nothing else. Number 3 on that list would like to suggest that same sex marriages would be allowed if the Constitution Bill 2000 does not survive the November 25th vote.

That is blatantly misleading the Vincentian people...who the politicians are aware have a limited scope of understanding and education. The knowledge that is required to fully comprehend the full weight of the Constitutional provisions is not had by the average Vincentian. But does that demand that our leaders fool us...or at least attempt to. Clawing onto the cloying homophobia that is a "majority"perspective.

Same sex marriages were never allowed in SVG and will not exist whether or not the Bill goes through. Stop lying to us....stop ruining our faith and trust in your leadership competence.

Do you not realise that you are our representatives and when you lower the quality of leadership, you sink us, the masses, into a mire of confusion?

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