Sunday, September 20, 2009

Postpone the 25th November what result?

The voices call for:
(1) a yes vote; or
(2) a no vote; or
(3) a postponing of the vote on a whole to enable balance education on the Constitution

But what will any of those options bring us?

A yes vote will give a document that reigns supreme but dissent seems as if it would fester among the masses...shall anarchy rain upon us as a result? And what if that yes vote is obtained...what will the NDP do if they were to succeed in the next general elections? Ignore the issues that they labassed while in opposition..the same way the ULP ignored the traffic lights upon succeeding at the polls in 2001.

A no vote will be an inevitable dismissal of the positives for the sake of what? Satisfaction of ignorance or a determination to effect all the changes that certain people wish?

A postponement will bring what....I dare suggest it will be a mere delay of the the results of 25th November 2009. Because there is no one entity or organisation that seeks to offer a balanced education. Like teaching the Creation theory and disregarding the Evolution concept in the name of doing what is supposedly right?

We started out wrong with the education on the Constitution...which means our foundation is faulty and shall remain so unless a revolution of the minds takes place. Then our columns are shaky and our walls are unstructurally sound and our roof is made of thatch in the midst of hurricane weather.

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