Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I feel like squeeze a lime

I have spent the last several evenings tensely poised at my PC...waiting to click buttons on about three different websites...all before the damn red light make an unwelcome reappearance on my modem.

My internet has been infected with H1N1, I swear is is like a griping child (I sat in front of one at an event some weeks ago...and I was itching to tell the mother to carry the child home). Always acting up...never reliable...and always interrupting something important. Like blogging...and God knows I have lost more than one inspirational thought just because the red light is very much there.

I feel like squeezing a LIME....a big juicy corporate one. And the squeeze will involve some possible caustic words...except they start training their customer service reps really well and my upbringing and adult consciousness will not allow me to verbally abuse someone so politely voiced.

But is not until after I hang up from reporting a fault, that I realise well I have been done's like the American stereo-type of the blond chick...pleasant to look at to the point where the drivel coming forth can almost be savoury to the taste...until you see that blinking red light...again. And weeks pass and not a visit, call...not a thing....Oh wait...the monthly bill with full charges for ADSL....Asshole Deficiency System Log.

I have never been so tempted to use obscene language, oui...especially since I am one of hundreds of Vincentians pursuing distance education which REQUIRES the internet to access online resources.

I was tempted to start a tab on them...and hand it in at the end of the month and demand a discount. Except, I have a life and there are better things to do than sit and watch your money blink red..then green...then to go to bed or watch cable.

Talking about that KARIB cable people...I need to find someone to give a review of their internet...maybe they have a good service or someone needs to bust a Chatoyer on them...

Wait, the red light gone, lemme submit this before my luck run out.


  1. Lol well I ben using the Karib cable net and I can't complain. Maybe I've had the luck of the draw but so far it's been plain sailing

  2. 5 years later and nothing's changed. I cancelled LIME because I doubt if they actually employ anyone. Nobody answers the phone, nobody arrives to fix anything, even though you put your life on hold and stay in for weeks waiting for nobody to come. Karibcable/Columbus come out within 2 days, something you can rely on. LIME should consult a dictionary to find out what 'communication' means before they continue in the business of failing to communicate on any level.


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