Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bill - a - board

Well, the pundits are on a roll with the bill-a-boards - between this week...they have sprung up all over the country...and I think the NDP won this battle...theirs' is so much more effective.

But forgive me for noticing the sloppy job on the Yes campaign/ULP bill-a-boards....the stuff looks like it is about to fall off...raised bumps in the centre, side, top and bottom of at least three that I have seen. Geesh....what happened to the concept that the race is not for the swift but those who endure til the end....or at the very least stick it on properly.

But that is a reflection of the way both sides have treated this was hasty, rushed, ...the other frantic and overwhelmed and both are misleading and power driven rather than being nationally-minded. So they erect some plywood all over the damn place and aim from a distance in an effort to get the message across....sorry you missed the bulls-eye.

I wonder when Ivan putting up his?


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  2. I meant to say that in the race to promote their stance via billboards, I thought with a 4 million dollar budget, ULP would do better.

  3. Chica, I know that 4 million finish already...I estimate those bill-a-boards cost at least 5 grand a pop.

  4. Lol @Ivan Oneal's billboard. Maybe he coulda just chained himself to some strategic poin ton the island

  5. lol @ abeni... allyuh leave my green party bredren alone!!!

    the billboard politics is relatively new to the country and it disturbed me slightly... just the whole concept unnerves me... dunno why...


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