Thursday, January 19, 2012

The fishing expedition and the power of democracy

Well I just had to do a post on this...don't expect it to be superbly deep or even analytically correct...I am totally writing off the cuff of the worn out polo shirt I am wearing.

I am sitting in my living room wondering what SVGTV would deliver in their always unique concept on what amounts as "news". Then dear Jennifer announces the emergence of the newest political party and Matthew Thomas pops on screen - reading from notes/script/blank paper, with a rack of old CDs in the back.

I can't remember it all because frankly I was intertwined between laughter and bewildered disbelief; but I paraphrase as follows: "We (meaning himself and Junior Bacchus) have thought about it and we decided to throw it out to the people" At this moment, my consistently over-arching imagination envisioned the populace of SVG trying to catch balls of political democracy, scrambling over other.

"We have had a good response from the people" - this refers to their call-in programme "Stay Awake" on Nice Radio. Now let me say, I am not a radio listener. I have an appreciation for Dessie on 705 (yes I still call it that and you fully know which one I mean) but not much liking for any others. And as a reflection of my generation and my penchant for controlled surroundings I highly prefer my selection of music on my Ipod. So you well imagine, I have never listened to Stay Awake. But maybe just maybe they have a hugely supportive 'listenership'. But if they had such a 'good response' from the people, why didn't their previous party win the last election? Or was this within the last year since the last election? When did this rousing response come from? Someone educate me please.

And then he speaks with no confidence, just the diction of a tired, old, embittered and battled man - like someone who has been laid up in siege for entirely long - living on the bare essentials but still maintaining a call for the troops to assemble - wanna play catch anyone? I can't apologise for liking strong willed men with their shoulders held straight and their eyes focused on their audience, decently attired - I want to look at him and feel like he knows what the f*@k he is about. Take the wheel and drive it baby (sorry I drifted there).

Oh yes, he mentioned something about people knowing what objectives they have - but there was no statement of it, just in case someone (like me) who never listened to the show had no clue what those principles were.

And I must not forget, dear Mr. Thomas informed us that all ideas were welcome and no one would feel as though their opinions had no merit....ah finally equality, true democracy - aka chaos, confusion and calamity. Within recent years I have been leaning towards a political philosophy heavily influenced by socialist democracy, so forgive me.

True democracy does not and cannot exist....this is why countries are run by one leader with some lower levels groupings to make us feel that varying minds contribute towards the end decisions. We have Parliament and Cabinet and the Opposition, the US has Congress and the House of Senate; Germany has the Bundestag and the Bundesrat. And granted these groupings are not all sock puppets and the greater the population of a nation, the greater chance of opinions of differing minds being weighed in end decisions. But in reality, the lower levels of governance are aimed at keeping the populace at bay - away from the person who has to make the executive decisions.

But clearly such a statement flows from the mouth and mind of persons recently slighted - possibly his guerrilla warfare threats and "wife me gonna die" postulations has caused him to get booted from the yellow brick road. But that seems quite reasonable to me - I would want to distance myself who was claiming to desire painting himself in camouflage and become one with nature to triumph over their rivals. I barely wear makeup and I have an aversion to bush, plus my naturally curly hair is a few inches away from my profile pic and I can't bear the thought of using vine as a tie back (I warned you people about trivialities). Either way someone is fishing for friends.

And to crown it all, the PM comes on and he is asked for a comment - and Dr. Gonsalves has this look like he is on the verge of rolling his eyes and shrugging off the question - he claims they don't have far to go and I totally agree. Then his expressions becomes one of controlled mirth - well I was laughing for you Ralph - what an utter disaster. At least Jomo and Oscar had an official launch, with a logo and the requisite bunch o flowers on the panel table, even though we all suspected it was an opportunity for them to wax intellectual and show people how smart they were, without any of the burden of authoritative duties. Then Ralph says "democracy is at work" - is it? Is this why we are so screwed because anyone who wants to speak can?

A CD rack...really guys. Was this in Nice Radio, the same station that got sued because of statements made by NDP mouth pieces about the PM - with the judgment of Court hanging over their heads. The same radio station that Matthew said if it is shut down, he will do some wild un-dertermined act. Really he did the announcement there?

And by the way, where was Junior Bacchus? Do you remember the big big big protest that Concerned Citizens were to hold outside Financial Complex...the one that Bacchus was supposedly organizing? Yes, the one that was to take place on the Friday but then rescheduled to the Monday and one man (who was not Junior Bacchus) and 100 placards showed out Matthew, you about to be stood up.

And as a woman who has been stood up once before, it ain't fun. You know I never answered his calls again.

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